My Ssec Capstone Project Women in human societies have been an important element in the history of humankind

Women in human societies have been an important element in the history of humankind

Women in human societies have been an important element in the history of humankind, from the era of Adam to modern societies, so it is inconceivable for a human society to perform its functions without a woman. However, in most of these societies, women performed social, educational and economic functions on the part of women. The Arab historical narratives throughout the Arab era, which extends to pre-Islamic times have shown that women have taken up a considerable amount of space to contribute to the formation of a public awareness towards them. They were a significant element in those societies known as the Jahiliyyah communities but sadly they were treated unfairly because of the circumstances they’ve faced.
People used to despise women and put them in a position of inferiority in society. In previous civilizations, woman was treated as goods for commerce and profitability or symbols of gifts. This is because they are weak beings who cannot prove their social status by sword and spear. The woman before Islam was treated like a merchandise, inherited by the man just as he inherits land and money. If the man dies and leaves a wife, his eldest son from another wife comes and puts on a garment, if he wants to marry her he will and if he wants to sell her he has the right to do whatever he wants with her. Many men before Islam were disgusted with the idea of the birth of girls and become sad and frustrated, they start killing and burying their daughters for the fear of want, poverty and shame. Allah in Qur’an describes how the father’s received the news about the birth of a daughter: (When the news of (the birth of) a female is brought to any of them, his face becomes dark, and he is filled with inward grief! He hides himself from the people because of the evil (and shame) of that which he has been informed. Shall he keep her with dishonor, or bury her in the dirt? Certainly, evil is their decision…) 16:59
The idea of female infanticide needs attention, it was an important point in the social life of many civilizations before Islam. This inhumane practice was widespread in the days of the Jahiliyah, in the Arabian Peninsula among the Badia people in the desert and in civilized cities. This practice continued and was followed by all the Arab tribes until Islam came and nullified and deprived it.
The woman before Islam has no right to her estate, so she does not get anything from the inheritance of her father or her relatives. They don’t take her opinion when she marries but she’s forced to marry the one who pleases her father or relative. Women were prevented from seeking knowledge, civil, legal and social rights. In the ancient civilizations before the entry of Islam, the prevailing idea of women was based on inferiority and the degeneration of their mental powers. They were deemed to be deficient in the mind, not qualified to own, sign a contract, act as a will, perform a certificate, or hold a job.
Women were enslaved before Islam appeared, humiliated, lived on the margins of society humiliated, and stripped of human dignity. Until Islam came after that and gave women their rights and dignity.