My Ssec Capstone Project Within each organization

Within each organization

Within each organization; wither it be in law enforcement or large fortune 500 company, managers and supervisors each has their own leadership style. Two styles that are quite popular in today’s workforce are transformational leadership and transactional leadership. Many see the transformational leadership as a better-suited style for the long-term success of the organization, while the transactional approach to leadership seems to be less effective since it is known to be a short-term style of leadership (More, 2006). Managers and supervisors who are transformational leaders focus on influencing and empowering others to achieve goals by challenging them to go above and beyond what they think they are capable of (Bass, 2006). When the leaders empower and encourage their employees it creates free thinkers and improves their commitment to the organization. Managers and supervisors who use the transactional leadership role are driven less by emotion and focus more on directing others. They use the promise of resources and rewards depending on how the employee performs at their assigned daily tasks (Bass, 2006). In many organizations transactional leadership can prove detrimental to moral, leaving the employees to question the manager or supervisor. The employee’s loose respect for the manager and sometimes loyalty to the organization; leaving them to seek other employment opportunities that will give them what they need to be successful (Kuhnert, 1987). When you look closely at a law enforcement organization structure is key. Not every person will accept the leadership style that their supervisor brings to the table. I think it is important that each manager use both transformational and transactional leadership styles to have well-rounded employees. Using the transformational approach to see how their employee ticks and what they need to be successful on their shift as well as for their long-term goals within the agency. Some employees may not welcome this type of leadership and in that case, you will find that the transactional leadership style is more suited for this employee. In any case, transformational and transactional leadership styles go hand and hand within an organization. It all depends on what vision you have for your organization and what leadership style will get you there in the long run.