My Ssec Capstone Project With respect to the previous claim

With respect to the previous claim

With respect to the previous claim, Sophia can also claim for the following:
1) Breaching of the contract- Breaching contract is a civil crime, where one of the parties in a two-way agreement fails to honor the agreement. Ms. Kiwanuka can claim for breaching of contract because the contract mentions reasonable working conditions, we see that Ms. Kiwanuka alleges Ms. Bakilana for keeping her in isolation and making her work for seven days in the week without breaks, which means she worked more than 40 hours with no overtime pay, which is a violation to the Fair Labors Standard Act (FLSA), this shows that the working environment wasn’t very comfortable for the plaintiff. The contract also mentions decent pay and as mentioned in the statement of specified facts, Ms. Bakilana admits that “she made arrangements to prey upon Ms. Kiwanuka’s lack of knowledge about bank accountings to obtain a labor at rate way below the legally required wage rate”. Further to this Ms. Bakilana also admitted that Ms. Kiwanuka was a victim to the felony mentioned in 18 U.S.C. § 3663A(c)(1)(a) and according to that she owed a compensation of $41,6626.80 to Ms. Kiwanuka. The evidences prove that the contract was breached, hence Sophia can win this claim.

2) Assault- It is an act of intentionally threatening a person. Ms. Kiwanuka can claim for this tort because through the case we come to know that Ms. Bakilana would make her work longer and against her will by threatening to deport her. Reading the case in detail it was found that the FBI investigated the case, where they gave a recording device to Ms. Kiwanuka and it was recorded that Ms. Bakilana was threatening her of deportation. With the evidence in hand Ms. Kiwanuka can win this claim.

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3) False Imprisonment- Can be defined as an unlawful detention of an individual without any legal justifications. In one of her complaints Ms. Kiwanuka states that her passport was confiscated, and she was kept in isolation right after she landed in the States. Ms. Kiwanuka also mentioned in one of her statements that Ms. Bakilana would intentionally not let her make any acquaintances. These points indicate that Ms. Kiwanuka was confined in Ms. Bakilana’s house against her will. Hence Sophia can win the case as the elements can be proven