My Ssec Capstone Project Why Marijuana Affects Athletes In the competitive world

Why Marijuana Affects Athletes In the competitive world

Why Marijuana Affects Athletes
In the competitive world, it is unusual phenomenon for athletes to go beyond the set basics to enhance their performance. Many athletes have sorted to using marijuana before and during competitions even though marijuana is on the list of drugs prohibited by World Anti-Doping Agencies (Waddington and Smith, 37). Adverse health effects like chronic coughs, increased heart rates, impaired memory and even total ban from participation in competitions are some of the cost tied down to use of marijuana by athletes. Despite all these effects many athletes still risk using marijuana for the following reasons:
Studies suggest that marijuana increases tissue oxygenation and reduces muscle spasms. This enables the athletes to endure long races without getting fatigue thereby enhancing their performance in such competitions (Gary and Hainline,102). Marijuana mimics if ingested into the body induces exercise endocannabinoids that minimizes distractions. It is for this fatigue endurance advantage that motivates athletes to use marijuana without being mindful of its long-term health effects and suffering a set on their athletic carrier when found guilty of using the drug during competitions (Waddington and Smith, 67).
In addition, marijuana increases impulsive responses which induce risk-taking behavior among the athletes. The chemical compounds of marijuana if taken into the body combine with the brain and body receptors to regulate pain. This affects decision making which can be advantageous in establishing superiority in competitions. It is through this justification that athletes are dedicated to using marijuana without consideration into the future sports performance (Kenney, Wilmore and Costill 47).
Conclusively, the positive effects of marijuana on athletes are inferior to the adverse health effects of cardiovascular risks and mental health effects. International Association of Athletic Federation should ensure a total ban on the use of marijuana in competitions. A scope into this will maintain standard ethics and protect the career of many athletes.