My Ssec Capstone Project When a dispersion is centrifuged the particles

When a dispersion is centrifuged the particles

When a dispersion is centrifuged the particles, within the event that of various thickness thereto of the dispersing phase, move to the foot or better of the tube. Increment of centrifuge speed at that time results in a dynamic and (relatively ) irreversible clotting or coalition starting at the extraordinary conclusion of the dregs or cream. just in case the degree of this cohesion is measured as a piece of centrifuge speed at that time the foremost extreme drive (or pressure ) between particles or beads may be calculated.

The technique has then been applied to paraffin oil-in-water emulsions stable by sodium dodecyl salt (SDS). the strategy is shown to possess every edges and drawbacks for emulsions as compared to solid particle dispersions. particularly a “biliquid foam” layer has been shown to create to boot to united and ancient “creamed” emulsion. The formation of the biliquid foam, inside that water is that the continual section, though alone gift to ˜ 0·1 per cent, is shown to not involve passing over any force barrier and is seen rather as a condensation below the influence of attractive forces. The passage from the foamed to united state is shown to be a slow methodology involving passage over a force barrier of magnitude almost that expected from electrostatic/van der Waals interactions.

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