My Ssec Capstone Project Website Migration Lamar Thompson CIS210 09/08/2018 Robert Kofkin Website Migration Building web architecture for the first time requires a lot of work

Website Migration Lamar Thompson CIS210 09/08/2018 Robert Kofkin Website Migration Building web architecture for the first time requires a lot of work

Website Migration Lamar Thompson CIS210 09/08/2018 Robert Kofkin Website Migration Building web architecture for the first time requires a lot of work. In fact, it is by far one of the most important steps in the system planning phase. In addition, this is mainly the most important part of the system planning phase because this is the time where all of the information needed to build the web architecture is gathered and then verified to ensure the accuracy of the information. Also, during this time of the planning phase, this is where most of the foundation and the choices that led up to it while in the process of developing will have an effect as we move into the next stages of implementing the system. As you dive deeper into your role as an IT profession, it is important that you begin to familiarize yourself with certain business practices. By doing so, this will provide you with the tools that you need to build the architecture that will give you the results that you are seeking with being internally hosted, the redundancy, and also that will allow the customers to make purchases online. In addition, this will be the phase where we will need to review the cost and the benefits which then will allow for recommendations on specific task set forth. These will include all of the technical operational and the economic factors. Next, we will begin moving into the next phase of building the web architecture. This phase is known as the system analysis phase. In this phase, we will begin to construct more of a logical model of the architecture that is being built. In addition, the research and investigation that was done in the planning phase will continue and we will begin to reach look more in depth in the analysis process. We will then begin to perform interviews, surveys and observations. Once that is complete, we will then document and then review all of the information that has been collected to help us understand the system better. Next, we will move to create the documents necessary that will explain and describe the cost and the benefits associated with management and the user requirements. At this point in the analysis stage, this will outline the alternate development strategies. This will then lead us into the design phase. The design phase is the stage where the physical model is created that satisfies all of the required documents. In addition, this is the stage where in the process of building the architecture, the hardware and the software will be then decided. Also, the design specifications will also be created and prepped to be later presented to management. From there it will go through the review and the approval process. For this project, it is not important that the architecture be very large or in depth. In fact, the architecture should be rather small and simple due to the size of the company and its current website. As for redundancy, this requirement will need to be taken into consideration for it will require additional equipment will be required in order to put the infrastructure in place. Now lets get into the type of equipment that will be used to make up the build. The build will consist of two web and database servers. Also, there will be a replication server installed so that the system can have a backup for both system redundancy and the system in the event of an outage. Since connection to a wide area network needs to be established, the system will require a firewall in order to make sure the site is secure. As far as the network goes, it may need to be setup in dematerialized zone. This will allow for the users to be able to access the servers and be able to access retrieve information on the site as well performing online transactions. Since we will have a firewall, the data server and the replication server will be placed behind it to prevent any external users from being able to gain access. Now lets talk about the software that will be used for this migration. This will be open source seems to be the best way to go when dealing developing websites. The operating system I will be going with will be Linux. The platform is commonly known as LAMP which consists of many different components that are open source. So to give a little more insight, Apache is going to be the web server. For the database I have chosen to go with MYSQL. MySQL is the most trusted and widely used open source database platform in use today. 10 out of the top 10 most popular and highly-trafficked websites in the world rely on MySQL. The last component that will be used is PHP. PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to server-side web development, in which case PHP generally runs on a web server. Any PHP code in a requested file is executed by the PHP runtime, usually to createdynamicweb page content or dynamic images used on websites or elsewhere. By choosing to go with a lot of these open source tools, it will help keep the cost down and that money can be used somewhere else in the further for upgrades to other hardware if necessary. In fact, the major benefit to having a Linux OS is because it is modular and offers a lot of other security features that windows does not and they are free. In order to make sure that the system is migrated properly with minimal downtime, it is important that we create a timeline that will reflect the time and how long we estimate the process to take. In order to ensure that the transition is smooth, there are a few things that we need to confirm. The first would be to make sure that the software and the data is loaded onto the servers. This is important because without the software, we will not be able to launch the run the system. From there we will begin to pilot the operation to ensure that the server is functioning properly and is replicated from the external site on to the internally hosted site. We want to ensure that we perform this process at a reasonable so that it does not affect the business. So proper planning will help prevent any poor execution. While we may have the majority of the system planned out we need to begin thinking about some alternatives. In the event of an outage or some kind of disaster, we have a backup system set in place. The Primary hardware will have backups in place to ensure that the web server and the database server will still be available in the event of an outage. Backup generators will be set in place that will continue to provide power to all of the necessary equipment. By doing so, this ensure that we still maintain communication to the servers and that the site remains up until we get the main server back up and running. Although we are self-hosting the web site, there are other alternative methods that can be used. One method that could be used to host the site would be to user an external service. This would come with both the servers and the service already in place, which cuts down on the time it would take setting up the service. However, the downfall to it is that you are limited with how much control you would have over the site. With that being said, that may not be the best method to run with. Also, the other method would be to go with a 3rd party web-hosting company. By choosing a web 3rd party company, you have the ability to lease servers that are already online and ready to be used. In addition the servers will be physically stored within the company site instead of being located at the business. Unlike the previous method you will still have access to the company servers so you would still be able to perform routine maintenance and upgrades as needed. To justify the reason behind my selection, Linux is arguably way better than windows because its modularity. Even being free it is still well maintained. The added security features, including the two firewalls, will allow the internal users and the external customers to access the web servers and prevent others from accessing the servers. With this selected architecture, all the requirements for hosting, backup capabilities and allowing the customers to perform transactions, they will all be provided with the necessary security. In addition, the need for the replication servers is to ensure that the data is replicated from the main server to the backup server. This is important because in the event that something happens to the main sever from user error and there is data corruption, the backup server will take over and the site will continue to run as normal. This provides stability to the site while the corrupted server is fixed, so the customers will not know that there is an outage and will be able to continue as normal. Once the system is up and running, it is imperative that we continue to support the system. This includes doing maintenance on both the hardware side and the server side. This falls on the company which includes backing up databases on a nightly or weekly basis and be stored on a separate location. Also, it is important to perform routine preventative maintenance on the hardware. This includes all of the cabling, servers, firewalls, servers and any network monitoring system. This will ensure that all of the equipment is at optimal performance and will continue to perform that way. Monitoring the network is to ensure that there are no malicious attacks. On the customer end, we will need to ensure that the site functions are working as designed Use case Accessing and ordering a bag of chips Summary The customer is accessing Tonys Chips website to place an order for chips Actors Customer Preconditions The website is complete and up and running. Events Customer navigates to Tonys website Customer searchs the site for the chips Customer selects the chips and the quantity Customer adds the chips to the cart Customer views the cart Customer then clicks on check out Customer then enters in the shipping information Customer enters in the billing information Customer clicks on the confirm button Customer clicks on the submit button Customer gets the confirmation and the receipt Post conditions New order is entered into the database for successful completion. Once the migration of the site begins, we will begin testing its performance. We will be looking at a number of things during this process. The first thing we want to check is to see if there were any issues with connecting to the server, which may have created any downtime or any outages. Log files will be created with any of the information that may have been captured during this process. Upon completion of the migrations, we will need to make switch over to the backup severs to ensure that they are online and operational. Once that test successfully, we will then switch back to the main server to ensure that the backup server completed its task. Next, we will perform a series of transactions as if we were customers to ensure that the purchase system is working properly. By undergoing this strenuous testing, this will create scenarios and will allow us to gather data and record any issues that may have occurred during the process and make adjustments if needed. Website Migration PAGE 2 Running head Website Migration

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