My Ssec Capstone Project Water is the life’s key for the planet

Water is the life’s key for the planet

Water is the life’s key for the planet. It is the most request for agriculture and every day’s activity. Sometimes water becomes full of the pollutants which make it harmful for human beings (Rizzi et el., 2018). Among these pollutants, dyes that are used in fabric, leather, rubber, and paper industries, and approximately 7×105 tons of these are produced annually (Gupta et el., 2013). Releasing of these dyes through washing process in water can cause tumors, skin irritation, allergies, heart defects and mutations (Alver et el., 2012; Hariharasuthan et el., 2013). Almost 200,000 tons of dyes are streamed in dying process (Ovando-Medina et el., 2018). The world produces 10,000 kinds of dyes classified according to dye’s structures, either cationic or anionic dyes or azo dyes. Cationic dyes examples are brilliant green (Br.G) and toluidine blue (To.B). Br.G is yellowish-green crystal which is used as veterinary medicine, dermatological agent and for preventing mould for poultry