My Ssec Capstone Project Vision Statement – is to always remain the first choice for their guests

Vision Statement – is to always remain the first choice for their guests

Vision Statement – is to always remain the first choice for their guests, stakeholders, colleagues and business partners.
Mission Statement – Providing unique and enjoyable experiences for guests at all times. This mission is achieved through a consistency of excellent service in a distinctive environment that’s like no other. Shangri-La’s Hotel and Resorts strive by taking care of the guests via the upmost level of service provided by the staff members and providing satisfaction through the hotel design, food and beverage and facilities on offer.
Core Business Activities
• Proficient customer service at all times throughout all departments
• Deeply committed towards corporate social responsibility by making a positive contribution towards the community, stakeholders, guests, sub-ordinates, business partners, environment etc.
• Maintaining proper communication across all hotel departments to ensure efficient operation of the hotel.
• Creating an environment where our employees can achieve their personal as well as career goals.
• Making sure that all the policies as well as procedures are guest as well as colleague-friendly

PEST Analysis
• P = Political:
When it comes to political factors affecting the hospitality and tourism industry the most prominent political aspects have to be the danger and effect of tourism, international relations, political unrest and visa requirements in popular tourist destinations. An example of a terrorist attack is the 2008 Mumbai, India attacks on Taj Hotel and Oberoi Trident in November 2008 where multiple customers were held hostage and some of them were shot dead and others were injured. This can affect a hotel greatly as potential customers may be deterred if they are concerned that another terrorist attack can occur. This can result in cancellation of bookings, reduction in bookings made, in turn reduction in revenue. This can apply to any hotel including Shangri-La’s.

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• E = Economic:
Consumer spending is based on consumer confidence which is defined by monetary status, inflation, exchange rates and the general health of the economy. Inflation, which is an increase of product price will influence how much consumers spend. Consumers will have to spend more if inflation increases and if they are spending more, then their budget may not allow for disposable income to be spent on holidays or hotels. This can affect Shangri-La’s revenue because it would decrease the amount of leisure guests booking.
Exchange rates can greatly affect the hospitality and tourism industry. For example if the AUD is strong, then anyone in Australia will be more likely to travel to India and stay in Shangri-La’s Hotel and Resorts because they can get a decent exchange from AUD to INR.
• S = Social:
In terms of social changes; languages are considered really important when it comes to hotel industry. For example many employees in InterContinental Hotel Group are bilingual. This means they can speak more than one language which is considered very beneficial in today’s world; particularly in hospitality. Shangri-La’s Hotel and Resorts have employees who can speak different languages such as English, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean depending on the clients. India is renowned for getting clients and customer base from all over the world; primarily China who visit for both business and leisure.
The location also plays an important role when it comes to choosing a hotel to stay at. Shangri-La’s Hotel and Resorts is located in the capital (Delhi) of India within close proximity to the attractions.
• T = Technological
Shangri-La’s Hotel and Resorts put a lot of thought and innovation into the technology for the use of hotel guests and staff members. Guests have access to smart phone app technology and complimentary internet. Smart phone technology includes express check in/out, it can be used as a remote for lighting and a key for the hotel room and facilities. This provides the guest anonymity as an option and saves service time for hotel staff, which can improve work efficiency.

SWOT Analysis (
Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
Represents Asian Culture. Brand Awareness and fame is restricted to Asia only. Other international chains are building mid-market hotels in this region Increased Labour Costs
Asia’s leading luxury hotel group
Limited focus on business travellers Tourism is a growing industry, entering into new market. Terrorist Attacks and natural calamities

Role of HRM to achieve the business issues facing the organisation:
When it comes to contributing to the realisation of business goals and also satisfying the needs of the employees HRM plays a very significant role. They are designing structures within an organisation, working closely with other departments to help achieve the goals and also they are into planning of the mission as well as vision statement of an organisation
They are now into creating training manuals, conducting on job training, providing all types of support they can to achieve the goals and objectives set by the business and also helps in employee development perspective.
They are implementing strategies such as entering the job market on how they can recruit the right and talented people which helps them in increasing productivity and also helps in achieving the objectives of high profits. After recruitment they make sure that they are providing the right training to maximise their performances, satisfying the employee needs by promoting key words such as promotion, job security, employee satisfaction benefits such as improved wages, leaves etc.
Another important aspect of achieving them as per my perspective is change. Change is inevitable for any business. By bringing changes, new techniques into the workplace employees can learn new skills, create innovative ways of exploring new opportunities which ultimately benefits the organisation’s productivity and also helps in performance management.