My Ssec Capstone Project University experience is one the best

University experience is one the best

University experience is one the best, and unforgettable experience students can have in their life because it is a new path they are taking to build their future. While moving to college, every tutee has to take a decision about whether he/she wants to live on-campus or off-campus, and it can be one of the tough choices that they can do at this very young age. There are three differences about living on-campus or off-campus: saving money, missing the university lifestyle, also; rooming with another person.

Living on campus helps students to save a lot of money which is always good to have some in your pocket. When on-campus, tutees do not have to pay for transportation neither for water and electricity. Unlike living off-campus, students are responsible for paying for all what is stated before, and most of the time they are very expensive that is the reason why they end up with no money by the end of the month, and they always need more of cash; while, students living on-campus save money for trips and for some fun during weekends.

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Another difference is missing the university lifestyle. When living off-campus students are not active; meaning they are not part of clubs, and organizations because they can not attend meetings that usually have place at night; also, this can have a big impact on them; for example, students do not get to know new people, and go out from their circle, and this is bad for them and their future because they will not learn how to impact with others . In contrast, living on-campus means definitely being involved in your college activities that can lead to many positive facts; like meeting and communication with new people; also, growing and developing as an individual person which is beneficial for students in their future career.

Living on-campus means rooming with another person which most of the time a negative thing because both of people have different personalities, and opinions which is sometimes hard to deal with because while one of them is trying to study; the other is listening to music or chatting, and this can be a large conflicts. Also, when having different schedules can be an issue because every one of them has its own timing, and it can be a problem for some people. In contrast, living off-campus is a very different experience. For instance, students have their own privacy and their own room, and space which can be a great environment to study.

All in all, when students are taking the decision on whether to live on or off-campus; they should keep in mind the negative and positive side of each of living styles, and they are both beneficial because they both help you learn but each one on its own.