Tuesday, August 31st 1965. India’s defence minister, Y.B Chavan announced to the Lok Sabha, the victory of the Indian armed forces against Pakistan in a province known as ‘Haji Pir’. He narrated a tale of the bravery ; valour of Major Ranjeet Singh Dayal and his bridage who fought valiantly to protect thier Country.

On the same day, half way around the world, The UN general assembly was making a number of significant changes to the United Nations Charter. The assembly decided to include 4 more members into the Security council, raising the number of security council members from 11 to 15. the UN security Council, being a demoractic institution, takes decisions based on votes of the member states. Because of the change in the number of members, The number of votes needed to comfirm a decision had too be amended too. Now, 9 out of 15 states had to vote in favour a resolution for it to be passed, rather than the 7 out of 11 member states.

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Article 61 of the UN charter was also amended. According to the amendment, the number of members of the UN Economic ; Social council was raised from 18 to 27 member states.

While the UN was in the process of inclusion of more countries, a few latitudes to the South in the Dominican republic, a peace treaty was signed between local warring factions and the civil war that had ravaged the country ; led to the death of 10,000 civillians finally came to an end on 31st August 1965.

I would like to discuss many more events like the eerie disappearance of a US military plane over South Vietnam. Unfortunately all the events that took place on this day cannot be encompassed in a single write-up.