My Ssec Capstone Project Trash by Andy Mulligan

Trash by Andy Mulligan

Trash by Andy Mulligan, A book about a boy (Raphael) who finds a wallet and chaos in sues.
“Friendship helps characters overcome hardships. Discuss.”
So today ill be talking about why friendship is the most important factor in trash, besides identity, family, and hope. There are many hardships and “fallouts” in trash, today I will be covering three of these times.
When Raphael finds the bag with the wallet containing an ID, 11,000 pesos and a key, Jun Jun is given the bag to hide as Raphael and Gardo trust Rat (Jun-Jun). This shows a slight bond as there is a lot of money in that bag, and if the police found the bag they would be dead for. “it might seem crazy asking a kid if you can come into his hole, but this hole was about the only thing rat had.” Jun Jun offers to take Raphael and Gardo to the central station where the locker is located (the locker the key is meant for.) Without Jun Jun’s help, it may have taken a lot longer to get to the station.