My Ssec Capstone Project Topic The challenges of employee retention in the UK CATERING SECTOR AFTER BREXIT Introduction———————- 150 The ability to retain the employees in the organization for a longer or shorter time is called Employee retention

Topic The challenges of employee retention in the UK CATERING SECTOR AFTER BREXIT Introduction———————- 150 The ability to retain the employees in the organization for a longer or shorter time is called Employee retention

The challenges of employee retention in the UK CATERING SECTOR AFTER BREXIT
Introduction———————- 150
The ability to retain the employees in the organization for a longer or shorter time is called Employee retention. Employee retention can simply be explained as if a retention rate is 80% that simply means that an organization has hired or retained 80% of its employees in a given time. The retention rate increases with the increase of employers kept in an organization.
There are many concerns regarding the employee in the catering sector. They have some feasibility too but at times they face major challenges even.

Specifically, if considering the UK catering sector, they faced a lot of difficulties in catering sector after separating from Brexit. They had to face a lot of shortage in staff and business closures, according to new research published recently. Around one in 10 (11%) of people thinking to leave the UK and this sector.

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Challenges of employee retention in the UK catering sector after Brexit objectives————-1200
Examining the present situation of UK after the Brexit vote, there are many challenges that the UK has to face after the result of Brexit, a major challenge for the organization is to retain the previous main and talented employees. The organization can control the issues related to the quitting of employees from the organization within no time to a great amount. There are many other uncountable challenges.

The catering sector face the shortage of employees even leaving the UK due to Brexit
Within almost three years in 2016, the net immigration from the UK had decreased to its lowest level, because the majority of the EU citizens started leaving Britain after this incidence.

The deduction in overseas labor supply has raised uncertainties in the UK, regarding the rate of unemployment ratio since 1975, could be left without enough quantity workers to uphold the economic status. The economy of the UK at the glance A one-stop indication of the basic UK economic data, including GDP, inflation and job loss. After almost 60 percent of the surveyed done by the BoE regarding business sector, they said: “made significant use of non-UK EU national employees”.

Shortage of skills was more examined by organizations that are in the construction, information technology (IT), engineering department and healthcare sectors.
Industry unproductivity
About 3% of managers say that it’s better to close their organizations as a result of Brexit, which nationwide could estimate to around a £1.1 billion of total loss in the economy. Among managers, almost 1 in 5 now find recruitment harder now than in April 2017. 16% of managers in the catering sector don’t assume that they’ll be able to fulfill the requirements and demands of their company’s employee fully over the next 5 years.

John Coldicutt, Chief Commercial Officer for Planday said that “These situations show us that the possible impact of Brexit on the UK economy on the catering sector being hit really hard. There’s no specific assurance within the catering sector with almost three times as many of the employers considering not to continue the manager post or other posts.

strategies used to tackle the challenges of employee retention——————600
How to develop employee retention strategies in the UK after Brexit
One of the major technique which UK companies applied to keep the staff working was, they increased their salaries and starts providing more pay. Because previously the employers were struggling with their jobs after observing the effects of low unemployment and departure of EU workers.
Some organizations in the UK now are offering improved salaries to retain the main staff and fascinate the employees to join them, according to the news leaked that they deal with the situation of unemployment and partings of workers of EU after the incidence of Brexit vote. Bank of England surveyed and examined that the recruitment and retention of main employers had become really difficult or much difficult in the past year in some around 400 companies. In response to these problems, many of the companies had changed their strategies and almost around 70 percent of the companies had changed their pay scales. They had increased their pay for the important workers, who’re already working and for the newcomers even. The BoE believed that this move was eventually mentioned by some of the construction companies, which are among the poorest list by departures of EU workers from the UK since the time, Brexit vote a year ago.

However, the greater increment in pay scale was rarely observed to attract and hire the employers and keep the remaining employees too. Increment in salaries to fascinate UK citizens was the remaining option left, after the survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, around 1,000 employers asked them what they would do after experiencing the shortage of salaries. The organizations said in a report which was issued in the month of February by the institute that they were much more likely to leave the tasks empty, train existing staff, and retain older workers.

Methods improving employee retention
The UK can improve its catering sector by following the methods mentioned
Employee compensation
It’s really important for companies to give good compensation packages. That includes salaries, but also providing extra bonuses, paid time off, healthcare benefits, and all other benefits in which a worker feels importance.
Recognition and appreciation system 
Everyone wants to feel appreciated for the work they do. Try to thank directly to the people who do well.

It could be through any source whether, with a sincere email, a letter or a meet up in person. Show the employees they’re being appreciated
Communication and feedback 
Creating a friendly relationship with the co-workers and getting the feedback on every detail and communicating well with each other could be really beneficial.

the factors that Brexit would have in catering sector—————500
An increment in the budget for workers which directly shows the impact on Exchange rate Finance/Tax.

Long-term planning for the UK less clear, demanding numerous and different macroeconomic scenarios in the catering sector.

EU workers are observed to be more motivated and encouraged to seek work in EU27
Getting agree to the changes made for the betterment.

London’s industries in the catering sector pay 25.7% and 38% of EU nationals get to pay 38%
Brexit already has a significant effect worldwide.

• Sterling already had fallen by 20 percent. Growth in food and drink rates due to sterling fall has put a great effect on the catering sector, which gave Brexit a plus point.