Today, crime is more common among many groups, more violent, and more costly to society than it was years ago. Crime has significantly changed our views of what our children’s future will be. Now, people often question themselves and think of reasons others commit crimes. It is difficult to clarify or comprehend as an idea as it covers numerous varied forms of behaviors and actions. All types of individuals, young and old, commit crimes and for different reasons. It is unavoidable, and there are no places in the world that crime does not exist. These places would be perfect and there are no perfect places in this world.
In this world that we are living today, money makes the world go around. Financial issues are one of the leading causes of crime. With unemployment rates rising every year, a number of unwaged individuals are struggling to find the necessary support to provide for their families. When they have no other way to brace themselves from their struggles, they turn to crime. Some major ways of crime for money includes theft, scams, frauds, money laundering, and bribery. Crimes for money are a form of larceny that occurs when a person takes money with an intent to gain a benefit from it. At other times, they do not just steal money to support their families; they use the money for drugs and other personal needs or wants.