Today, we are living in a technology age and we cannot deny the fact that many technological developments and innovations played a major role in our lives. Technology developments has given us the opportunity to enjoy the kind of life we are presently enjoy.
It has significantly improved our lives and the present things are now better, faster, easier, and more convenient. The awareness of technology is more than it used to be, it has taken over almost all areas or sectors. There is hardly a sector in today’s world, which has not embraced the evolution of technology. It has formed the basis of enhancing operations and performance in banks, industrial facilities, Government workplaces, educational institutions, for innovative work and even general stores. We have many fields where technology now plays very significant role; highlighted below are some of these fields:

Educational system framework is a major platform in creating or developing leaders in any society and one of the best teaching aids to achieve this in today’s worlds is computer. The graphical as well as the pictorial effect creates a superior impression than the accustomed method for teaching students in the various institutions. Instructors and students has been able to develop their creative and intuitive skills with the help of technology, allowing for more improvement opportunities to be identified on daily basis. The advanced countries have effectively adopted the use of computer as a teaching aid. A few institutions in China, Germany and India to mention few are already using computers to introduce the subject and modules to students, as it now serves as a tool for learning and development.
Although computers has brought about tremendous evolution and improvement in technology as compared to what we used to have in the past impacting positively on the way we live our life, we cannot deny that computer system are still not fully recognized in some part of this world. It is also good to note that the current literacy rate is not directly proportional to the rate of improvement recorded overnight in some sectors in terms of the use of computer. The fact remains that 64% of our population remains to date illiterate, and it will be a groundbreaking act to have computers fully deployed for use in the aspect of educational awareness, especially in the deprived sectors. Perhaps one might imagine the horrific thought that teacher’s position within the institution will be taken over by computers, but our viewpoint on this must be positive and on from a bright side. Teacher will no longer be the only one that can impart student’s mind new learnings with the use of data and facts thereby making them or putting them in a position of unquestionable authority who instils both theoretical and practical learnings in his or her students.
The computer has also been advantageous based on the fact that they provided the platform upon which all administrative related matters has been improved significantly throughout the world. All these are evident in the degree of accuracy in the information processed and sent to the administration departments. Over the years, the way decisions are taken across the world has evolved since the advent of computers. Based on all the aforementioned points, we must accept that invention and adoption of computer is a gift of science to humanity if it is properly used.
Computer as a product of advancement in technology has also played a vital role in the area of transportation. Many advanced countries has resourcefully explored the deliverables of this product of technology in this area. Now, an individual can get the cutting-edge facts about traffic, arrival and departure time, available seats for booking and so on. An individual can book for his or her tickets from any station in the metropolitan and cancel it from any location if he or she so desires. This technology is obtainable in airports, railway stations and as we speak, the road-transport has initiated moves to take a cue from these other means of transportation and adopted it with success. Indeed, even seaport authorities are using computers in their day-to-day operations. It has also helped to reduce accidents significantly.
As we speak, vehicles are been monitored and tracked using a technology called Global Positioning System (GPS), location finder and Google Map also to aid and guide new travelers get to their destinations easily without much stress.

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Profession and Business:
In the business sector, it is very important to ensure accurate and detailed records of all transactions carried-out are kept for future references. So that there is less ambiguity and no opportunity for any fraudulent, act whatsoever. Such recorded transactions can be further used for various purposes depending on the need, it is also relevant in an organization where regular audits are been conducted for integrity check and organizational compliance. The evolution of technology has made computers as a machine to be one of the most reliable device used by all sectors for all forms of business transactions and deals. The advancement of networking technologies such as WLAN, WAN, WIFI and so on has now made it so easy for all private and commercial establishments to reach the people across the world. The reliability and importance of computers has been proved by its acceptance by both private and commercial establishments in carrying out their daily transactions.

Health and Wellness:
Technology has helped change the healthcare sector, as there are now new discoveries in terms of operating procedures, clinical research and medicines. It has made it possible to send medical reports through email to patients who are far away or not able to make out time to visit their clinic. It has also provided a platform for doctors or medical professionals to seek for medical advice or consultation from distant colleagues without having to travel around. With this, lives of critically ill patients can be saved as a result of the time saved in getting information that are helpful to his or her survival.