My Ssec Capstone Project To the best of our knowledge

To the best of our knowledge

To the best of our knowledge, there is no reports available on the electrocatalytic activity of Zn2+ substituted spinel CoFe2O4 prepared by oxalate co-precipitation method and also studied the effect of low sintering temperature on structural, morphological and composition properties. Herein, we prepare chemical composition of spinel CZF with sintered at different temperatures such as RT/50oC, 150oC, 250oC, 350oC and 450oC(T^(?50?^o C to ?450?^o C))demonstrate their chemical and electronic structural description, morphological of the electrocatalyst surface layer changes according with operating sintering temperature. Providing in the current work allows for identification of crystal structure, active catalytic surface sites changes relates to increasing sintering temperature with whole route to experimental procedure of OER mechanism on spinel CZF in alkaline medium are studied. When sintering process employed for precipitate samples then solid-state reaction occurs (for higher temperature), so that earlier and afterward the solid-state reaction mechanism was studied with the help of chemical reactions and experimental verification result confirms with techniques (TG-DTA, XRD, XPS and FT-IR) were studied. Development of OER mechanism at low and higher temperature are studied with help of chemical reactions. Finally, as-synthesized spinel CoFe2O4 electrocatalyst shows better electrocatalytic activity and advanced stability towards the OER.