My Ssec Capstone Project Throughout the play AWAY

Throughout the play AWAY

Throughout the play AWAY, Gow mimeticises the ways in which the ramifications of discovery can challenge our most fundamental perceptions; the consequences of discovery, therefore; are dependent on our inclination to accept or reject information that contradicts our most unquestioned, fervently held assumptions and beliefs. This is characterised through Tom who acts as a catalyst for other’s discoveries and comes to terms with his own mortality, Coral who discovers her ability to live without her son and Gwen who discovers the importance of familial relationships over materialism. Gow uses intertextuality as a metatheatrical framing device to position the audience, inviting us to meditate on the interplay between revelation and the ignorance inherent in any act of discovery: the play begins with the ending of one of Shakespeare’s most famous comedies, A Midsummer Night’s Dream where Tom is established as a catalytic character through his role as Puck in the mise-en-abyme of the play. “Give me your hands … And Robin will restore amends” foreshadows the mending of characters through Tom by invoking rediscovery through their inner strength to reconnect with those around them. Tom’s therapeutic nature can be explored through Coral as they put on a meta-play “Strangers by the Shore,” where Tom “shows her how” indicative of Tom’s ability to bring other characters to a greater discovery. Coral’s transition from, “come with me… into the darkness” into the metaphoric repetition of, “I’m walking, I’m walking, I’m walking, I’m walking” explores the confronting of reality and allows her to discover a world that is not stricken with grief, misery and loss; she has rediscovered a world in which she can move on from her son’s death- a world where she is strong. Before unveiling her empathy, Gwen represents the typical 60s housewife