My Ssec Capstone Project This stage allows the researcher to find out on subject matter or the field for the research journey to be started

This stage allows the researcher to find out on subject matter or the field for the research journey to be started

This stage allows the researcher to find out on subject matter or the field for the research journey to be started. For this study, the subject interest is about the EoT claims. EoT claims by the contractors are undoubtedly considered inevitable in most construction projects and has been cited as the most common headaches. However, there were least claims have ever succeeded in the past. Therefore, this study induced interest to the researcher to study more on the mitigation efforts of the unsuccessful EoT claims to keep the damage to the barest minimum possible. Literature Review

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This is among the early steps that will be carried out by most researchers in extending the information on the research topic that has been identified previously. Literature review can be defined as making a reference to sources from previous researches which contain ideas, research designs, data and detail information on the data gathering method related to a research topic (Piaw, 2012).
According to Saunders et al. (2009), researchers should not start their research without reviewing and make other researchers’ research as a reference. A critical review on the existing issues or problems discovered by other researchers is crucial to the present researchers to ensure no repetition in the research on the solved issues. This is due to the fact that, discovering something that has already been discovered is meaningless and a waste of effort (Piaw, 2012).
The literature review in this research (as discussed in Chapters 2) was undertaken to search for existing literature or researches in three (3) related domains of this research which are construction contract and claim management, construction disputes and construction delays and extension of time. The review essentially served as a foundation in identifying the gaps in existing researches that prompted the need to undertake this research. Identification of Problem Statement
According to Henry (2008), problem statement is a description of existing or current issues to be addressed while generating the research questions towards researchers.
Furthermore, problem statement is the foundation for the whole study as entire project will depend on it (Kothari et al., 2014). It is one of the first step and very crucial step of any research process. Moreover, Henry (2008) stated that problem statement is the highlight point of any research study and the best problem statement is just one simple and precise sentence that will be further elaborated in the next sections of the research.
In addition to that, Abraham (2013) mentioned that the significance of problem statement include formation on the importance of topic selected and bringing the reader to pay more attention towards the findings in literature review.
In this study, the literature search began with a broad scope on any issues in relation to the aforementioned three domains, after which, the scope was narrowed down to only the relevant material by discarding the less useful materials.