My Ssec Capstone Project This is a completely advanced technique which offers the answers of business issues and it assists to investigate the different type of business structures as well as the evolution of a system and it establishes the problems and apprehend the information and provide the solutions of the difficult scenario and it keeps the gadget improvement life-cycle

This is a completely advanced technique which offers the answers of business issues and it assists to investigate the different type of business structures as well as the evolution of a system and it establishes the problems and apprehend the information and provide the solutions of the difficult scenario and it keeps the gadget improvement life-cycle

This is a completely advanced technique which offers the answers of business issues and it assists to investigate the different type of business structures as well as the evolution of a system and it establishes the problems and apprehend the information and provide the solutions of the difficult scenario and it keeps the gadget improvement life-cycle. This is a great approach for making the modelling, gear, and strategies and this enables to put off the uncertainty and there is some of sports that test the hypothesis so this seems the atmosphere technique and developing the machine is called adaptive methodology and this system is aware the complexity. It appears strong and it produces new methods.

1. The essential gain is that there may be a primary trade inside the environment in addition to inside the assignment because of adaptive technique and it’s far an increasing number of flexible and trade the entire state of affairs of the task and
2. The better thing is that there may be a head to head communiqué among the clients and no any prediction.
3. This method enables in a rustic improvement due to the fact the gear of this system is very essential which affords compulsory licenses to that’s used by the government for locating the medications.
Four. The intangible belongings of this is very essential which allows the brand new advent of any enterprise or born the brand new enterprise with out this belongings it could disappear.

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1.1. In this system the cons are that if the assignment is small then it is without difficulty deliberate in addition to effortlessly design and trying out, constructing and solution might also effortlessly be supplied but if the undertaking is long then it takes a variety of time for converting and sometimes it could fail within the testing so it creates some problems despite the fact that it can no longer be finished.
1.2. Secondly, the undertaking is only handled by means of seniors or an experienced worker inside the adaptive technique and it isn’t always finished via freshmen because of loss of enjoy and from time to time they fail for the improvement of agile development.

This is a growing procedure which enables for the development of the software program and it’s miles the mixture of gear and strategies wherein the crew enables for constructing structures and it is like a bundle of the team which could be very helpful in which the venture be on time and the mission is in minimum wages. In this system the whole team complete the undertaking on time and the patron stakeholder controls the assignment and the scrum is a very initiative and bendy method which controls the device as a controlling black field and it’s miles the whole aggregate of rugby and agile while rugby way wherein the task is completing by way of the whole group and agile is an exchange inside the project.
1. This system has carried out its paintings in keeping with the right schedule of the task and the whole team constantly be punctual and fulfil the client or purchaser of the venture.
2. This procedure offers with the adapt changes in the venture and it increases the amount and first-rate of the mission with some fundamental changes and it roughly calculates that how a whole lot time a venture takes.
3. The team also set the cost of the undertaking at some stage in the system that is helpful for the assignment owner and without difficulty deals with the undertaking and also the fee is minimal.
2.1. The most important issue in the project is a crew operating if the group does no longer work together then it could fail the process of the project so the cooperation of the group is truly critical.
2.2. The mission is simplest finished via ideal, skilful, properly educated, and skilled group members and if any group member leaves the challenge in mid of the manner then it creates the assignment in the entire process.


Extreme programming is a software development system which specifically offers with the project making plans, checking out, and pair programming and after that refectory. It is a very good and process in which the small groups work collectively to make new software program and briskly alternate the complete requirement of the software program. The purchaser is the main character who makes a decision the person stories if the trying out, in addition to pair programming, is properly operating then it’s far developing the software program constantly. So first of all the making plans is based on purchaser, secondly testing is completed and then pair programming starts wherein inspection has done and then the teams create easy designs and eventually critiques and development.
1. This method is lowering the fee and save cash as well because it saves the timing and produces the assignment on time and the group is beneficial and speak the solution of the assignment together and type out the problems and that’s why this procedure is a great software developer.
2. This technique first off satisfies the personnel and also increasing the range of employees and contributes to the retention of the employee.
3. This procedure could be very beneficial for the normal checking of software and testing them so that no trouble takes place at some point of the system
4. This manner changes the assignment on time in keeping with the comments.


1. The essential hassle of this manner is that it is not more deal with layout compared to the coding and this manner especially offers with the coding of the entire software program.
2. This procedure is likewise weak in the dimension of code pleasant which creates a variety of problems in the first code after which it fails the entire code traits and does no longer produce the best software.


According to me the OJL (ODDS JOB LIMITED) that is Sydney based totally business and the methodologies adaptive, scrum, and excessive programming facilitates to run the commercial enterprise and the device improvement cycle continues the commercial enterprise and some vital points which satisfies the clients, as well as personnel and the few methods which gain the income and the complete business reaches to the higher factor, and the OJL mainly decided to construct a building and those methodologies helps to keep the business and as consistent with as I point out the methodologies advantages and drawbacks which enables to reap something better inside the enterprise and those methodologies allows to provide the roles to the employees whilst this organization will construct a business then it desires the number of skilful personnel and those employees knows the commercial enterprise wishes and they give attention to vision-venture of the agency and then supply the solution of the problem so those methodologies trade within the business and with properly planning, testing and designing and consistent with the terms and situations the teams work together and help this association to obtain the commercial enterprise.

To: OJL Business Team
CC: Odds Jobs Limited
From: Colin Grey
Subject: Brief on JAD session and recommendation for this plan.
1. Description of requirements gathering

Here I would like to talk about JAD session which helps for supporting the OJL business and JAD (Joint Application Design) is a process which is used for system development life cycle and it provides the new information to the company because it decides to produce a building and for the construction of this building OJL needs number of customers and it also maintains a different kind of vehicles and also maintain the license requirements and this company has been focused on the uncertainties of the company as well as it works on projects and first of all the team of JAD modify the project and with the help of gathering the users attract with each other and it creates the different designs and it fulfils the requirements of the company that’s why it choose JAD because it helps to improve planning, designing, analyzing, testing, solution and constructing. It helps to enhance the system and on customer demand and communicating with them then it creates the system design and satisfaction of customer as well as with the help of their views the company easily set its goal and reaches to the highest peak.
Joint Application Design

2. Plan for requirement GATHERING OJL

Firstly the planning of every project is very important because without any plan a company cannot reach its goal. There are four stages of JAD for OJL which are required and the first and foremost thing is nomination of the sponsor which is really matter because the sponsor supports the whole organization and pay for the project and also it found that what is the system need, selection of experienced team members because they will define the scope, vision, mission, aim and the business goal of the organization and the questions which will ask during the gathering as follows:
1. What are the advantages and disadvantages occur during this project?
2. What are the risks and opportunities?
3. What type of strategies suited on the organization?
4. What is the business need?
5. What are the requirements of the project?
Well according to these questions the business will make more perfect because it obtains all the serial problems and then easily sort out all the problems and then deploy the solution which enhance the deals of the projects and with the help of these five stages the all the team members interact with each other and it will make the powerful team group and it also helps to gives the details regarding job of employees and license, vehicle and customers relationship report.

3. Make or Buy discussion for OJL
JAD discuss number of things for making the benefits for OJL the team participation is more dominant and it plays a major role in gaining agreement for OJL business and there are some important requirements and the first one is that the compulsion of attendance and it is really very obligated to attend the given project for every team member and it helps to bind the whole team and secondly, when the team discuss the project then they can discuss only one discussion at a time and they don’t allow to do discuss for a long time or again and again and thirdly, the JAD mainly discuss on team member’s ideas, their views and also their experience on that project so it helps to maintain the project. The orientation is very important before the starting of every project and the representations which help to solve all the serious problems.
4. Recommendation

In the recommendation I would like to recommend the JAD team and OJL team group together to form a new and bigger team and it helps them to work together and it describes the customers details and plan the project as well as i want to recommend that the OJL company setting a plan and JAD comment on this plan and testing the plan and connect to each other and in gathering they can easily build the design and with the help of team gathering they can easily catch up the views of the team members and use their abilities and can easily well perform on all methodologies and on planning of the project and also these teams need to follow all the stages of making the system development and can easily make appropriate project and after ameliorate the project and at the end it provides the final application on Odds Job Limited (OJL) organization.

Event Table:

Event Event Type Trigger Source Activity/use case System Response/output Destination
Maintain details of customers on the mobile-based app External Decide to focus on building by contract staff and run a separate project for customer relation OJL and management system collect job details Manage the job details Accounting system used to manage the account receiving and payable and job details will be stored Account and job details manage by system
Record details of customers External Maintain the details of customers OJL staff Details of customers such as name, address, business number, telephone, email, and last job date Details of staff customers Customer
Maintain vehicle details External Maintain the details including different vehicle classes as per license OJL staff Details of vehicle and license Vehicle and license details Vehicle and license
Track the movements and drivers External Tracking different vehicle drivers and movements OJL staff Details of drivers and movements Tracking and drivers details Track vehicle details
Details of job report Internal Run a report and shows the type and amount of job as well as each job kept and the customer, date of the job Customer Manager Tom Smith Giving proper details of the job report which shows job figure Job report details Job report
salary related details internal Payments or income to staff Customer manager and system Income details Payments and expenses are outside from the system Salary


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Use Case Description


1. The OJL staff with the help of management system trying to manage the details of the job.
2. OJL also manage the customer relationship with the system.
3. The OJL staffs select vehicles and license details through the working system.
4. With the help of system, the staffs track the movements and drivers of different vehicles.

The new methodology
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