My Ssec Capstone Project The speaker in this case is a 27-year-old woman

The speaker in this case is a 27-year-old woman

The speaker in this case is a 27-year-old woman, who is a program manager, for the soft goods business, of an online merchant. The speaker joined the company straight out of college and became the program manager within two years. She is faced with a dilemma with two employees in her team, Terry and Phil. Terry and Phil were not hired to the company through its regular hiring process.
Since the company was started by ex-Microsoft employees, their hiring process was very demanding. Even though Terry didn’t pass the company’s interview process, he was hired due to his connections with the company executives. He was friends with the CEO and several other executives as he was also a scuba instructor and many of them were his students. Terry was hired, but his skill set was not in match to the position that he was hired for within the company. He used to report to Rachel. Regardless of his incompetence, Rachel has never given any feedback on his performance and has been giving him 3.5 out of 4.0 on his performance reviews, which happened every six months. She also never mentioned to anyone above her of his performance issue. The executives and HR is to blame for hiring him, however his continued low performance in the company is due to being mismanaged by his manager. His then manager doesn’t out provide him with any feedback, due to her fear of angering the executives, who he is friends and was the reason of him even getting the job.
When the speaker becomes his manager, she clearly sees a problem with his performance even with the supervision and counseling by the speaker. She is contemplating of giving him a 2.5 for his next performance review, which means he will be put on performance improvement plan, which is really the step before getting fired.