My Ssec Capstone Project The Plus Smart-Bulbs The new Plus Smart-Bulbs are much more than simple light bulbs

The Plus Smart-Bulbs The new Plus Smart-Bulbs are much more than simple light bulbs

The Plus Smart-Bulbs

The new Plus Smart-Bulbs are much more than simple light bulbs. They can connect to a mobile device via Bluetooth. The Plus Smart-Bulbs allow users to turn them on and off remotely using a Smart-Bulb app and a computer, smartphone or tablet. They also reduce the consumption of electricity by up to 50% thanks to built-in energy saving technology.

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Plus Smart-Bulbs integrate the components of a regular light bulb with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology. Also, they are easy to use and install. The screw threads adapt to any regular size bulb thread, and Plus Smart-Bulbs look the same as regular bulbs. Plus Smart-Bulbs have the following major parts: (1) Energy Saving Sensor, (2) a colorful tungsten filament, (3) built-in Wi-Fi and (4) Plus Smart App integration.

Figure 1.1 Plus Smart-Bulbs

Energy Saving Sensor

The Smart Energy Saving Thread is the part of the Plus Smart-Bulb that helps save electricity. This technology replaces the normal thread used in a light bulb with a 2-inch-long, circle-shaped device that circle-shaped device that helps conserve energy. The Smart-Bulbs consume 50% less energy compared to traditional bulbs. The Smart Energy Saving Thread has the following components:
• An internal antenna
• Dual function
• Automatic power off technology

Internal Antenna

The internal antenna has a 5 GHz band. This lets the bulb connect to any Wi-Fi router that has a 2.4 GHz capacity.

Dual Function

Dual function controls allow you to turn the bulb on and off remotely or to use them like regular bulbs. So, you can control the bulbs from either the app or a standard power switch.

Auto Power Off Technology

When no one is in the room, the lights automatically turn off to conserve energy. Users don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the lights before leaving home. After 20 minutes without any movement in the room, the bulbs shut off.

Colorful Tungsten Filament

The Colorful Tungsten Filament illuminates the Plus Smart-Bulb with 256 changeable colors. Also, you can operate the intensity regulator and select special color modes from your phone or from a remote control. This helps improve comfort levels by selecting colors and adjusting the intensity. You can also create unique environments for every moment and occasion in a room.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Built-in Wi-Fi enables users to turn the lights on or off without getting up. You can even turn the lights off from your office or from another city. Also, this system lets you create a custom schedule to automate when the lights turn on and off.

Plus Smart-Bulbs Operation

To use Plus Smart-Bulbs, you must download the app. You then control the bulbs by first naming each one. They will then appear on the main screen, where you can select the one you want to control. The app has four settings: colors, turn off or on, special occasion.

The Plus Smart Home-Pro App

The application lets users configure different pre-built settings. The app also gives you control over the Bluetooth bulbs. After you have named them, they will appear on the app’s main screen. You can also add a timer to the bulbs and even pick certain colors for different hours of the day. The programming menu is fully customizable and can be configured in great detail. The app integrates with Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri, so you can control it with voice commands. Other benefits of the Home-Pro App include:
• Directly connecting to your Wi-Fi or using the app without a hub
• Multiple configuration options (also available through the free Plus Smart App)
• Monitoring each bulb’s energy consumption

Summary and Operating Description

Our application was designed to be easy to install and operate. To control the bulbs, you need to download the application on your mobile device. The app can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. To complete the installation, you just need to install the bulbs in your home. The application will help you with the rest of the process. First, it will ask you how you want to name your device. Second, the app will connect the device to the bulbs.

The application is equipped with software capable of identifying new devices. This makes configuration an especially easy process.

Technical Specifications

Voltage: 210
Connector Type: E27
Power: 7W
Materials: Aluminum, glass and plastic
Weight: 100 g
Size: 59 x 59 x 109 mm