My Ssec Capstone Project The physical resources Tesco Buildings and facilities Buildings and facilities are used so that they have places to operate in and to ensure that Tesco runs professionally

The physical resources Tesco Buildings and facilities Buildings and facilities are used so that they have places to operate in and to ensure that Tesco runs professionally

The physical resources


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Buildings and facilities
Buildings and facilities are used so that they have places to operate in and to ensure that Tesco runs professionally. The business must verify that they own an adequate amount of buildings including warehouses to completely store all their supplies in and that they’re kept securely to prevent Tesco losing beneficial supplies. They must certify that their shops are also protected this is because the shops are used for the transactions of selling provisions to customers. Moreover, to decrease the charges of expenditure they could also have facilities that construct their own merchandise so that Tesco wouldn’t have to pay members of staff to manufacture the products. Also, precise location is important, the stores need to be built in open spaces so that they are nearby and available to the local community this is because customers will visit more frequently if it is near their homes and requires what they need. However, buildings like warehouses should be sheltered and therefore be built in safe places concealed away from the public eye.

Materials and waste
The store manager in each Tesco shop must check if they have the correct quantity of the products to keep up with customers purchasing the them. Within Tesco’s warehouses, the materials are kept in an arrangement where they’re effortlessly reachable so that they can be manufactured in to items that will be sold. The business could choose to diminish the total consumed and start utilising renewable resources in order to shorten their budget and also help the environment. An additional method Tesco could reduce their charges is by providing their workers a partial quantity of materials to work with. Furthermore, they may ask for the governments assistance to help get rid of their waste; like the Envirowise campaign which is a free government sponsored campaign that can give information and guidance on how they can remove their waste

Emergency provision
When in bad situations Tesco give high priority to their customers. This is why they train their employees to cope with these procedures so that they can lead to customers and show what to do if the incident occurs. This is why Tesco frequently do evacuation training until the instructions become very obvious to the staff members. In addition, they have fire exits for the customers and staff to easily escape from and provide fire extinguishers around the building. And they do regular checks on their equipment like machinery to ensure that they are harmless and will not cause a fire and that it meets the health and safety specifications.

Insurance is exceptionally important. Which is why Tesco insure as much as they can. For example, their buildings, this is because these are the most expensive asset that Tesco own and if something bad were to happen to the buildings like a fire, their insurance company will cover the cost. Same with the vehicles and equipment owned by Tesco these are also insured. Tesco would be at risk of losing a huge amount of money if they didn’t have insurance because heaps of money will be owned if any of their expensive equipment is destroyed. Even Tesco staff are insured against unexpectantly losing their job.

All the buildings that Tesco own should be protected by security and that all the assets are secured. This is why Tesco uses cameras to save surveillance footage of the activities that occur within the building and alarms to ensure that people do not steal anything in the store or to make sure that members of the public do not go in places that they shouldn’t be like the stock room. Hence why they have employees that will inspect the cameras and have employed full time security staff.

Technological resources
Technological resources are those that are in form of software protection via copyright rather than a physical form like buildings.

Intellectual property
In order to ensure that everybody in Tesco has a chance to have their ideas and opinions perceived they use intellectual property which are rights that consent for people’s ideas to be heard on ways they believe the business could progress so that Tesco can modify their operations to make certain that not only the sales are increasing but the customers are pleased with these changes and that the staff members are also pleased.

Software licences
There are many businesses that have to invest their money into specialist software programs so that they can operate properly. Sometimes this software is designed especially for the business, or they will use other software and it will need to be paid for with licence fees. An example of this is that the software such as word that many businesses will need to use will need to be paid for the licence fees to Microsoft. Licences may allow a certain amount of computers to have the software or it can mean that it can be on one site. Some employees may also have permission to use the software at home. If the licences required are not bought then the business is breaking the law. Businesses can save money by buying a site licence.

Tesco will use software licences to make sure that all of their products are not stolen and sold illegally. Tesco will have to invest their money in specialist software that they can use in their corporate offices and from that they can work more efficiently, they will also be able to get teams to work together more compliant with this software. Tesco may have to buy software licences for things such as Word from Microsoft as this is a popular choice for many businesses.

Protection via patents and copyright
To protect Tesco’s technological resources, it can be quite expensive, but Tesco also use legislation as a form of protection for their original ideas. They also utilise a patent which stops individuals or other organisations from replicating their original work and by doing this Tesco must initially record all their ideas they own with the UK Intellectual Property Office.