My Ssec Capstone Project THE PHONE MARKET The phone market in India is the biggest market in all over the world and the demand goes on higher every year

THE PHONE MARKET The phone market in India is the biggest market in all over the world and the demand goes on higher every year

The phone market in India is the biggest market in all over the world and the demand goes on higher every year. Early 21th century, mobiles were available only in cities because of the high cost of mobile and its services, poor infrastructure in rural area.

This position changed after the entrance of various foreign mobile manufacturing companies in India. Due this development, the production process becomes affordable made mobile phones cheaper. As these companies named the market potential, tend to introduce more technological advances in the mobile telephone sets.

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This lead to the introduction of smartphones in the Indian grocery store, including smartphones, which drastically changed the total scenario of various sectors like banks and other services from all sectors. Due to large production, this market is highly competitive in India.

The telecom operator tends to improve their infrastructure, cut the price of claims, data and other associated services. Technological development of 2G, 3G, 4G lead to drastic development in the use of mobile telephones and associated services for telecommunication operators and now the marketplace is moving towards next generation technological 5G.

The Poorvika mobiles are a multi brand retail showroom for mobile phones and its other accessories, has its headquarters in Chennai. The founder Mr. Uvaraj, who spread its first branch in Chennai in the year of 2004. The thought of opening a showroom exclusive for retailer of mobile telephone sets is to make available on the mobile phones to customers in order a give a better experience.

Tagline: Think Mobile -Think Poorvika.


Poorvika established its businesses in 3 states with 250 + branches in various cities. poorvika has many stores in and around the Trichy city, but main focus can be given to two stores present near chatram bus stand. As we see that retail location is an important for any business, so provoke has chosen chatram bus stand because it has a floating customers from various regions of Tamil Nadu and the college students who study in the nearby colleges.

The Marketing & promotion strategies followed by two stores are totally different from each other, in order to attract all types of customers to the store. Poorvika near the Indira Gandhi College will be focused on the college students so they usually give attractive discounts and complimentary products along the mobile purchased from the store.

The store near the V.N Nagar mainly focuses on the customers from Trichy as well as the customers from other region, so they follow heavy discounts on the products and as well as for adding on services like power banks, temper glass, back case etc.,
They were the pioneer in the Trichy to introduce to the concept of mobile insurance against damages and theft. They also a have strategy of providing free SIM cards, Low discounted price for other accessories when they purchase mobile phones there.

The customer support and services are well maintained throughout all the stores I have visited.

In their website they follow a system of live chat with executives in order satisfy the customers needs and clarify the doubts in various aspects and the offers they provide in their stores is good in attracting customers.


(Universal mobiles)
Universal is the pioneer in organized mobile retailing sector in India. The first shop opened in 1997 by founder Mr. D. Sathish Babu, carefully studied the behavior & perception of customers-who find it difficult to experience the entire range of products available to them. It was formed with a motivation and enrich the client by understanding his needs and recommending comprehensive mobility solutions.

The organization’s vision is to be ‘The Most Admired Retailer’ for customers, employees and cooperators.

Universal offers an atmosphere that lets customers create sound and informed shopping decisions in a depot that offers great comfort and a high level of service. Over the years, it has translated into one of the leading retail organizations in Tamil Nadu and has its sights on repeating its success pan India. There are more than 450 universally outlets across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala. It showcases mobile phones, tablets and mobile phone accessories from among the best and leading brands in the universe and also runs an operator products division that provides data cards, data plans and phone recharge services.

Universal use a strategy in retailing through “MOBILE TO AUTOMOBILE OFFER”- in that the
Customers who buy mobiles in any universal showrooms, can participate In the competition, write a slogan about universal mobiles and win the exciting prizes like bike, tv, cash vouchers…
This offer starts from 28th August to 28th September, 2018
Ticket Line: “The Mobile Expert”

Sangeetha mobiles have its headquarters in Bengaluru. It follows all strategy used by its competitors, but it differentiates itself through marketing and promotional activities done by the firm.

They started their online promotional activities through Mr. Vijay Deverkonda, a famous celebrity at present certain – an awesome strategy by Sangeetha mobiles in order to capture the attention of youngsters towards their products.

The same way the provide a variety of value added services along with the purchase of the mobile phone. Certain services are provided:-
The price drop protection – for the customers.

Damage and Theft protection against the mobile phones.

Assured buyback of the mobile phone.


(A unit of Supreme Paradise)
Supreme mobiles is an upcoming organized retailer in mobile phone sector in the market like Tamil Nadu.
They focus on capturing the market share through Product promotion and introduced the latest version of mobiles from various brands of mobiles in their showroom in order to grab the attention of the customers.

In Trichy they located their retail showroom opposite the famous textile retail firm THE SARATHAS, which is an added advantages for this showroom as the customer flow would be very higher in all seasons.

They display all latest varieties of gadgets in their showroom, as it is easy for the customer to view the product from outside the shop, which creates a desire and make him visit the showroom. They provide special discounts on tempered glass at a very cheap rate. Eg Rs 99,149 etc.,Celebrity endorsements are an important strategy of the retailer, which grabbed the attention of the customer and created a brand image on supreme mobiles among consumers.
Nikki Gakrani is the store/brand ambassador for supreme mobiles which made them to capture a better place in the market as well as the people’s mind.


The Chennai mobiles had a humble beginning from Coimbatore, as it had its first showroom there opened by the founder Mr.Samsuali, who later expanded his business to all over Tamil Nadu with 50+ stores.

It is a multi-brand showroom where all types of gadgets and accessories of various brands are available at a very cost when compared to their competitors.
The Chennai Mobiles create a live experience in their showrooms for their customers. They believe in the CARE- Clients Are Really Everything.

Logo caption- Discover the Difference.


The Chennai mobiles provide an excellent service to their customers, in the same way they provide quality products at a discounted price to its customers.

Meanwhile, they provide discounts and combo offers for new arrivals in the mobile section to their customersMI Stores
Mi stores were available in various locations in Trichy city, mainly these stores will be under franchise model. They will be promoting and selling the products of Mi as well as other brand products in a smaller sections.

Mi produces a variety of products like mobile phones, power banks, fitness bands, Tv’s, wifi routers, etc., these retailers will be producing all products or only the selected products in order to focus on selling the particular products in a higher quantity.

These retail showrooms will also act as an authorized service center for my mobiles and other gadgets for Mi. Mainly certain retailers like to be an exclusive showroom of only Mi products, in order to be a sole person to handle promotion, selling and services for the products.

JIO Stores
JIO stores mainly promote their series of Jio mobiles (i.e) fire, water series, along with other brands like Samsung and Apple. These stores mainly focus on selling electronics at a very low/discounted price in order to attract its customers to their showroom.
Their main focus on selling Jio SIM cards, recharges and selling jio mobile phones to their customers. they also act as service points for Jio customers to service their products in less time.

They are also promoting Jio gigafibre, a broadband internet provider service from Jio to all its customers. They give heavy discounts on mobile phone accessories like headphones, boom headsets, speakers etc.,Conclusion
The organized retailing of mobile phones in Trichy is a competitive market as the major players the above said play a crucial role in obtaining the market share through different promotion strategy to attract the customers.

The main reason for their heavy promotional activities is to compete with both offline and online retailing of their competitors.

As now the situation of e-commerce is in upper hand, but the opportunities of retail showroom are still viable, so as the days to come the growth of offline retailing will certainly show a drastic change in the near future.