My Ssec Capstone Project The main theme of the book are matriliny

The main theme of the book are matriliny

The main theme of the book are matriliny, sexuality, and chiefly power. First, we have matriliny. The matriliniage are tracked back to the first ancestors. There are four types of matrilineages: Malasi, Lukuba, Lukwasisiga, and Lukulabuta. Matriclans have no chiefs nor shared property. They believe that the palm lines can tell them which clan they are in. The relationship between matrilineages are a source of distrust and competition. Second, are the chiefs. A chief conrols each ranking of matrilineage and they must demonstrate that they know magic spells. They have the ability to take on mulitple wives, polygamy, to increase wealth. A chiefdom is a person’s birthright through matrilineal inheritance. Third, are the sexuality. At the age of 7 or 8, opposite genders begin to play erotic games. At the ages of 11-13, both sex pursue sexual partners and they will change partners often experimenting with each. When a young women meets the same man over and over again, the affair gets serious. When deciding on spouses, the father will decide if the woman his son wants is appropriate; the mother has central role in deciding for a daughter. The mates can’t come from the same matrilineal clan. There are no traditional marriage ceremonies, so they are officially recognized when they eat yams together.
The study of the Trobriander relates to anthropology because when Malinowski initially started his study of anthropology, it was scarcely settled and his fieldwork was the primary ethnography that gave scholarly substance to the field. It gives detail to a culture that has a lot of traditions that are currently being lost in osmosis. In class, we discuss how ethnographic surveys, such as the Human Relation Area File, show that polygyny is a widely preferred form of marriage and it is a way to increase family wealth. In the book, it mention about chiefs and how they have multiple wives to increase wealth.
I found the book simple to peruse with data on society extremely illuminating. There was a reference that anthropologies are only a way of fictionalizing a society. Be that as it may, I oppose this idea. Ethnography’s are vital to see a glimpse at a society that would not be assessable to numerous individuals and help with understanding ethnocentrism that numerous civic establishments have in the present universe. It gives us indicate concerning our identity and where we originate from Dr. Weiner’s review and finding are straightforward and will be extremely utile to future research. I like the style of writing in this book because it offers me a brief look into the Trobrianders lives, their culture, and their traditions from a first-person’s view. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in Ethnography, as well as students who are in cultural anthropology.