My Ssec Capstone Project The ever changing in technology has a great impact in society

The ever changing in technology has a great impact in society

The ever changing in technology has a great impact in society. In this modern environment, the use of automated system is giving a lot of benefits. Everything from paper and pen based to an absolute computer system paved the way to easier access of information and lead to increased production, efficiency and reliability.
The educational institutions are one of the leading users of computer in terms of managing student records. Currently, the problem faced by the student is lack of information in updating their school records. Unluckily, the school administration worked on manual process of giving information and daily updating of students. The school needs a system that can help to work with them.
That is the main reason why the researchers proposed a Student Information System design with Kiosk, a computer-like device placed in open areas used for providing information and gives self-service access.
The proposed system provides the student a quick-access of information. It gives convenience to the user by providing important information, accomplished with the help of a kiosk that can really help student to have information they want to know.
The proponents are trying to enhance the existing process of College of Our Lady of Mercy into updated computer system and have self access of viewing information and lessen the problems encounter by the student in terms of easy access of school information.
Through this kind of system student must know how to operate the kiosk and the ultimate aim of having exact information can be easily reached. Since the system is user-friendly, the student can really understand and enjoy viewing their school records and school activities.