My Ssec Capstone Project The Destruction of Pompeii By

The Destruction of Pompeii By

The Destruction of Pompeii
By: Blake Fraser

The destruction of Pompeii was a very interesting point in time, the once flourishing city was destroyed by a ruthless volcano in a matter of days. The Italian city of Pompeii was Preserved amazingly well by all the ash produced from the volcano, this allowed all the people living there to be preserved in time. This destruction was caused by a volcano called Mount Vesuvius. People living in Pompeii never fled the area though as they did not know what would come. The once beautiful flourishing city of Pompeii, preserved in time by a flow of hot, watery ash from the volcano above.

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The weirdest thing about the destruction of Pompeii was the fact that is happened in such a short amount of time. In fact, it only took 19 hours to fully destroy and preserve the city. At first, there were a couple of small earthquakes, people just brushed it off as something not to worry about. After a couple days of small earthquakes, a large cloud appeared above Mount Vesuvius. After a bit of time, ash started to fall from the sky above, then white pumice started falling. There would eventually be a layer of ash 280 cm thick blanketing the city. The sun would be completely blocked and there would be fist sized rocks raining from above. After this, 6 pyroclastic flows would cover the city and kill everyone there. This ended up destroying the city without much warning to the people below.

Although The volcano destroyed many things, including the city. The odd thing is that the bodies were very well preserved. This is because of the ash that was flowing through the city, this type of ash that flows at high speeds is called a pyroclastic flow. A pyroclastic flow is a dense flow of volcanic ash, gas, and lava fragments that cause a lot of destruction. This flow covered the bodies and hardened into a shell, but the speed of the flow destroyed most of the city. It would have been horribly painful to experience the hot ash run down someone’s throat and suffocate them while burning them alive. This ash blanketed the city, scorching it and breaking buildings, but leaving some of the bodies fossilized.

The mountain that caused all this destruction is called Mount Vesuvius. This mountain is located in Italy. This volcano formed over the course of hundreds of thousands of years, like most volcanoes do. Mount Vesuvius is a stratovolcano, this means that it was built upon by layers over the course of many years. This volcano has erupted before, in fact it has erupted many times before, adding layers each time, these layers were made of ash, rock, and other debris. but until the most recent one has never left such an interesting imprint on the city of Pompeii. The next time Mount Vesuvius Erupts, it will blanket Pompeii again, possibly causing it to be covered entirely this time. Although this won’t happen for a very long time, we need to study the city more until it erupts next. This volcano caused many terrible things and could continue to in the far future.

This Beautiful city was found in 1748, by a surveying engineer. This was long after it was destroyed in the summer of A.D. 79. They searched it and found hundreds of fossilized bodies, they must’ve been mortified by what they saw. There were people holding children and people trying to crawl to safety. But they were too late, by the time that the raging ash hit the city, they were too late. If they all ran when they heard the tremors or when the saw the cloud forming, they might have made it to safety. Sadly, none of this happened because the knowledge was not there to know what would come. If this happened today, we would be fully evacuated by the time it erupted.

The people of Pompeii did not know what would come when they heard the tremors coming from the ground below. But they had seen the smoke, ash and sulphuric acid raging from the top of the volcano. They didn’t see a threat until the raging pyroclastic flow came upon them. At this point it was almost too late. They didn’t have cars, trains, or planes so the only means of escape was on foot. A pyroclastic flow can go at speeds much faster than any human can run. This means that people would try and crawl through that hot, watery ash, but they would get burnt and pass out within seconds, ultimately being buried and forgotten for hundreds of years.

Pompeii is

A once beautiful city, ravaged by a ruthless volcano that turned bodies into stone. Pompeii was the home of many people, all of which got killed. The mountain that caused all this terror and destruction is called Mount Vesuvius. This volcano explodes with clouds of ash that flowed down on to the city below. All this destruction happened in a matter of days. This left all the bodies left stuck, frozen in time. It was eventually discovered and observed. Overall, Pompeii was a flourishing city preserved and destroyed by a ruthless natural disaster that no one saw coming.