My Ssec Capstone Project The cold war was not the best time in history

The cold war was not the best time in history

The cold war was not the best time in history. Everyone was recovering from the effects of World War II. People were scared of things that the president had to respond to accordingly. There was different changes being added to the world along with a change of presidency at the end of this time period. People were beginning to fear things like the spread of communism and the red scare which meant the president had more to worry about than just external affairs, he had to worry about internal affairs.
Once the end of the second world war came around, there was so many people scared of communism spreading especially to the weaker and poorer countries.First China became communist and the US supported Chaing Kai-Shek in the election but his opponent, Mao Zedong who is communist, won instead. Joseph McCarthy was a senator who attacked multiple people, said those people were communists, and made up almost every thing he said about them and once he was shown on television this truth was shown about him. John Foster dulles said “If world communism capture any American state a new and perilous front is established which will increase the danger to the entire free world and require even greater sacrifices from the American people.”