My Ssec Capstone Project The article Veneration Without Understanding by Renato Constantino is all aboutdoubts and arguments about Rizal’s status as the national hero of the Filipino people

The article Veneration Without Understanding by Renato Constantino is all aboutdoubts and arguments about Rizal’s status as the national hero of the Filipino people

The article Veneration Without Understanding by Renato Constantino is all aboutdoubts and arguments about Rizal’s status as the national hero of the Filipino people. Itdepicts ho? shallo? the !no?ledge of the Filipinos is about Rizal and nationalism. Inother countries” to be a national hero” you should be a leader of a re#olution. $ut it ?asdifferent ?ith the %hilippines; Rizal” being the national hero” repudiated the re#olutionand ?as completely against it. This ?as ne#er mentioned in history boo!s; that’s ?hypeople gre? up !no?ing Rizal as a ?riter” a role model” and a national hero. The peoplesa? him as someone ?ho ?ould sacrifice e#erything for the country’s freedom. They?ere blinded by the teachings of Rizal’s #irtuous characteristics from elementary up tosecondary that ?e tend to not see the deeper story behind Rizal and the re#olutionaries.Rizal had other nationalistic interests such as the reform. The purpose of thereform is to be a pro#ince of ‘pain and ha#e e(uality bet?een the ‘paniards andFilipinos. $ecause of this” Constantino ?as in doubt if Rizal should really be consideredas the national hero. It is us” ?ho Constantino has been tal!ing about in his title” people?ho are used to adore Rizal until they ha#e understood the true essence of being anational hero. The %hilippine Commission ?as searching for the national hero as someone ?hohas the personality of detesting the idea of re#olution and instead” ?as a go#ernmentalreformist ?ho ?ants liberty to be achie#ed in a peaceful ?ay. Rizal ?as the perfect fit for this. )e ?as ac!no?ledged as *merican+sponsored hero and ?as labeled as a limitedhero by Constantino. Rizal’s upper class bac!ground has certainly molded hisphilosophy and restricted his grasp of the social reality that the lo?er classes aree,periencing. $ecause of this limitation” Rizal’s ambition for the %hilippines to officiallybe accepted as a ‘panish pro#ince rather than a colony ?as created. )o?e#er”separatist mo#ement refused that led to -atipunan re#olt. Throughout the years” it ?as instilled in my mind that Rizal made the greatestcontributions to our independence. )is ?or!s opened the minds” eyes andconsciousness of the Filipinos from yesterday” today” and tomorro?. ?ot /ust becausehe ?as in contradiction of the re#olution means that he does not deser#e to be thenational hero. )e ?as against it because he ?anted a re#olution that is planned andsystematized. )e didn’t ?ant to ris! the people ?ho are in#ol#ed in a battle that theydon’t ha#e a chance of ?inning. I admire $onifacio and other men in#ol#ed in there#olution for their bra#eness to stand up against the ‘paniards to attain our freedom.$ut let us face the truth” the re#olution ?asn’t prepared; it lac!ed money” men”?eapons” and moral empo?erment that led to a total failure. 0any li#es ha#e been?asted because of their impatience. I’m sure Rizal ?ould ha#e supported the re#olutionif he sa? that the re#olutionists ?ere strong and stable enough to o#erthro? the colonialgo#ernment and establish a ne? go#ernment of their o?n. Rizal had e#erything plannedout. )e ?as #ery much a?are of the status of the %hilippines in terms of education”economics” and go#ernance. These are the primary elements a dependent country

should e,ploit if it combats to stand on its o?n. It ?as #ery ?ell defined that the Filipinopeople ?ere not properly educated and so do not stand a chance for opportunities for economics and minimal political publicities. This is ?hy Rizal decided to be a reformistthan to be a re#olutionist. *s a reformist” if the %hilippines ?ill be a part of ‘pain”Filipinos ?ill be gi#en the same rights and opportunities as ?hat the ‘paniards ?ereen/oying such as fair education” economic de#elopment” and political connections. *ssoon as the %hilippines attained these fundamental elements” then they’re ready toprepare themsel#es for independence. *ll Rizal e#er ?anted is to accomplish stabilitybefore attaining independence because ?ith stability” e#erything else ?ill follo?. $ut”this ne#er happened. Today” ?e are becoming sla#es again because of the pre#ailingendless gro?th of corruption” increasing rate of po#erty” crime” and education problems. I thin! Constantino’s intention about the article is to con#ince people that Rizal?as un?orthy to be the national hero. There are some (uotes that Constantino has /ustified that I disagree upon. *s indicated by him” a man must be considered as a heroif he is a re#olutionist and participates in bloodshed. I ha#e to oppose ?ith this one” for me” a hero is somebody ?ho stands on principles” ?ho fights for ?hat he belie#es andis not persuaded by the moments of passion and spirit. Who shapes a philosophy andstays consistent ?ith it. Who ta!es the long #ie? and fights and dies for somethingmuch better than impermanent grandness. $loodshed ?ithout #ie?point” death ?ithoutbeing sanctified to a higher purpose” is pointless homicide. That is something that Rizalcould not disregard. )e did not ?ant to see useless death and homicide” ?hen the endresult ?ould ha#e been the sla#es becoming dictators themsel#es. Constantino li!e?isecalled Rizal treasonous; as far as I can remember” Rizal ?as the main moti#ationbehind the production of the Filipino character. )is ?or!s such as the ?oli” 0orga andFili ?ere guides to patriotism and nationhood. If it ?eren’t for his ?or!s” there#olutionists and the people ?ouldn’t ha#e been inspired to fight for their country. 1es” *mericans ?ere the one ?ho recognized him as the %hilippine national hero. *s amatter of fact” *guinaldo ordered the first Rizal day in 2343. Therefore” the leaders andthe re#olutionists ha#e already honored Rizal ?ell before the *mericans. I ha#e noticed that the article has three strengths. First off” the readers arereminded that e#erybody ought to ha#e a resilient and deep understanding of ?hatcharacteristics ma!e a true hero. ‘econd” Filipinos should ha#e a more profound senseand le#el of comprehension in deciding a genuine hero. 5astly” e#erybody can be a heroin light of the fact that Rizal should not be the main premise of deciding the %hilippinenational ob/ecti#es. 6n the other hand” it has also three ?ea!nesses. Firstly” it appears that the ?riter ?as attempting to ruin the patriotism of the Filipinos since he e,posed the thought of Rizal as the %hilippine national legend. ‘econdly” as per him” 7?e can8t depend on Rizalalone7″ yet I thin!” it is #ital for the Filipinos to ha#e a method of imitating Rizal. 5astly”the ?riter passed on to the readers the thoughts of Rizal as an *merican supportedhero. We can8t change our history. What ?e can do is learn from it. We ought not erecthindrances by our continuing e,pedition for a genuine hero and a genuine Filipino”

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