My Ssec Capstone Project Teaching is a noble profession where a teacher is involved in shaping not only the future of students but also the future of the nation

Teaching is a noble profession where a teacher is involved in shaping not only the future of students but also the future of the nation

Teaching is a noble profession where a teacher is involved in shaping not only the future of students but also the future of the nation. The key factors for my teaching are passion, preparation and discipline. This passion for teaching and helping students, and being prepared, organized and ready for any situation has helped me to become a success in my course. In my opinion, a successful classroom consists of students having a desire to learn, explore new things in the course and ready to participate in discussion and work together with their classmates to achieve a set goal. This classroom consists of curriculum that is very challenging and rewarding. This classroom makes students to feel confident and comfortable in rising questions and seeking right solutions. As a teacher I won’t feel that I’m successful until all my students get an opportunity to become successful.
Basically I teach Control Engineering, a numerical subject in Mechanical Engineering, for UG students. Control Engineering is a course dealing with mathematical modeling and stability analysis of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and thermal control systems by various techniques in time and frequency domains. Understanding how students learn is one of the significant aspects of teaching. To make things easy, understandable and interesting for the students, I, apart from chalk and talk, refresh their basics in mathematics by providing relevant clues to increase their curiosity and come out with possible answers. Also make them to give examples of control systems they come across in their day to day life. Asking them to explain the differences they observe in the systems so that the difference between open loop and closed loop control systems can be easily and effectively brought out. My assessment tools are internal tests, assignments and case studies. My regular practice is to refresh and review what I teach at the end of the class or at the beginning of next class and this will be continued till the completion of the course.
In addition to my passion for teaching, I am passionate about helping others, especially weak students. I personally invite them to my office, understand their difficulties in the subject and provide them with right material and clear their doubts in critical areas. First and foremost thing is that I give moral support to the weak students and encourage them that they can easily become a success in the subject. This approach made me to achieve 100% pass result in the subject. One student project group under my guidance has successfully completed a project based on the knowledge gained by them in Control engineering and Mechatronics. The title of the project is RFID based solar powered pesticide spraying Robot. This project was fully supported financially by IE (India), Kolkata, India and won first prize in the Institution level project exhibition during 2017-18.
My passions for teaching and helping others have also led to a passion for learning. I think that continual learning can be beneficial in all phases of life. By continuing learning in the academic realm one can learn the new practices in teaching. I always think how to improve my teaching methodology. By attending relevant faculty development programmes, I can learn about new teaching practices. In this regard I have attended quite a good number of FDPs on new teaching learning practices and outcome based education at my own Institution. In most of the FDPs, the sessions will be concluded by emphasizing on “Perseverance and passion for goals”. This emphasis helped me in developing a new level of understanding to my teaching; rewarding students who worked hard and have seen the results. At times most of us forget that engineering is not easy to everyone. There are students who are intelligent and grasp things quickly and produce better results with ease. Also there are weak students whose grasping power is very low and such students have to really work hard to produce good results. As teachers we have to remember to recognize and reward both types of students. In several cases, I made it a point to motivate and reward students by recognizing their efforts regardless of the ease by which the results came.
Besides passion, preparation is also important in the development of any skill. Being prepared and organized help things run smoothly in any situation. It will help you to cover all the topics prescribed in the course. Students definitely get benefitted when it is presented in an organized manner than when it is presented in a random or unstructured manner. By preparing well for the class, I provide my students an organized atmosphere conducive for learning.
I chose to pursue teaching in engineering, because I want to make a difference in the life of students. I want my students to be not only better engineers but also better citizens of the nation by helping the society in providing better solutions to its day to day problems by applying the concepts what they have learned. I do this with discipline, determination, passion and preparation.