My Ssec Capstone Project Taylor Castilla Professor Johnston Composition I 10 September 2018 Essay Assignment 1

Taylor Castilla Professor Johnston Composition I 10 September 2018 Essay Assignment 1

Taylor Castilla
Professor Johnston
Composition I
10 September 2018
Essay Assignment 1: Preliminary Report
The University of Arkansas, Wesley College Ministry, is a way to connect, grow, and serve. This community is available to everyone and located just off campus on Lindell Avenue. This is a community where you connect with others by sharing your faith and serving on campus. With this community you not only have fun, but you share and grow in your faith with students around you. Growing in your faith allows you to get to know those with the same interest as you as well as dive deeper into the word. With the Wesley being local on campus, various opportunities are provided to serve in the community whether on campus or around the Fayetteville area. Serving with the Wesley allows community benefits such as service hours and opportunities to benefit your community. Becoming a part of the Wesley College Ministry opens up many opportunities to benefit yourself and to impact others. From this report I hope to encourage other to find a place they feel comfortable and to inspire others to impact the community around us.
With much curiosity about The University of Arkansas, Wesley College Ministry, I have contacted The Wesley, including the student leaders that attend the University of Arkansas, Wesley staff and the Advisory Council, followed them on social media in order to know about upcoming events and announcement, viewed advertisement around campus, and gained personal experience at The Wesley. On their website, The Wesley provides information about the people and staff, as well as calendars with specific opportunities to serve, events to attend, and special things going on at the church. On their website, The Wesley provides people from staff to contact with questions about attending events with them or just a place to get support when having trouble or rough patches. Around campus you can find many ways to get connected with The Wesley, like Dinner and Worship on Tuesdays, Midweek Communion and Zumba on Wednesday nights, Dessert and Bible Study, and Freshman Community Thursday nights. The Wesley keeps students updated through their Facebook, Newsletters, and Instagram. On their social media and newsletters, they update students on upcoming events, weekly activities available for everyone, and daily or weekly encouraging messages to get you through your day. The University of Arkansas Wesley College Ministry has many ways to connect and become involved by opening up various opportunities to participate in on and off campus.

When interviewing the Student Leadership President, Parker Schramme, she repeatedly mentioned how involved the Wesley is and how they are always doing activities to impact the community. The Wesley is very involved on campus and has a mission to make a difference in the community. Schramme is passionate about connecting college students into the Christian community by reaching out to those around us. Parker emphasizes getting involved with the Wesley and growing in your faith through different fellowship events and bible studies. She acknowledges various activities they have, like Zumba and dinners, to bring everyone together in fellowship. Researching the Wesley foundation has provided me with knowledge on growing my faith with those around me and getting involved on campus through serving and showing love to others. I plan to continue growing my faith and fellowship at the Wesley. The inspiration from Parker has encouraged me to continue researching this growing community and to spread the fellowship to other college students around me. I hope to inform people about the amazing group of students and staff that are around the corner, that provide outstanding bible studies, group gatherings, and fun activities.

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