My Ssec Capstone Project Stepping into a whole new world

Stepping into a whole new world

Stepping into a whole new world , I would say a birth of a child and a birth of a woman as a new Mom is purely magical and requires lot of effort to make it desire full. There is always a conscious thought behind raising up your child and strive to have a proper balance between home life and work life. I myself a fashion retail professional , this industry is very demanding in terms of work timings & deliverables as customer is involved. When I decided to have a baby , somewhere down the line you forecast your life situation how it would be and what all changes you need to make after becoming mom.

The moment i experience all this rollercoaster ride, which includes the thought of labour, giving natural birth to my daughter M , post part depression and yes importantly tries to be back in normal routine brings mother to a stage where she can conquer everything .

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After had a almost a year break, right from delivery till baby M turns 10 months, I was at home with the baby, enjoyed every bit of it be it stressful , tiering, excitement , anxious, curious , life simply goes around a soul which has stepped into this wholesome new world. I decided to join back work of course with a heavy heart and yes it was important .

To all new moms , below are my personal thoughts that can help to overcome the guilt of not being with your kid and motivate to join back work again 🙂

Take Out Guilt Within You : Its a human nature, moreover our soul- body connection with our child to be with them all time.As a mom , you should not feel bad about it , to leave your kid for 6-7 hours once you are off to work because it is as important to have a personal growth and to get in touch with the world. Like me and many other new moms feels the same that there is no harm if you want to pursue your passion & dreams.
Look for a Safe Place : Office do needs your 10 hours a day , in a metro city like Delhi- 2 hours for travelling and 8 hours shift of work. Plan and organise a safe place for your kid. People who lives in a joint family has a added advantage to keep their child safe with mother in law , aunt, etc. But yes in a nuclear family culture , its equally important to look for a day care centre. I leave my kid with my mother in law who helped me to join back work, if she won’t be supportive , I need to give a second thought about it.Many at times, my husband look after my daughter when I get late or stuck up somewhere , its a mutual understanding which needs to be build.
Added Extra Income :If mother is working , there is an extra income to the family. Everyone do believe in giving luxury to their child, if you think that adds to it and help to raise the living standard of the family, then why not ?.
Flexible Work Timings : Ask and demand for flexible work timings from your office, it really helps to balance and complete lot of home tasks which needs to be done by you . Example early morning breakfast , lunch , washing clothes , miscellaneous work which needs to be get done with help of maid. Somedays if the child is not keeping well, or sick ask for a work from home option.
Ignore Societal Sayings : There is a tendency in our society to pass remarks and comments which makes you feel weak at times . I would say just follow your heart and ingut feeling. You cannot force things on your child till the time it comes naturally. I have been through and every mother goes through it ..true fact.

I still feel every case and life situation is different for every mother, always look for a positive side and make a way out so that things can balance in both ways, Here I want to mention, lot of my close friends who have parked their career for their child and thats true because situation demands in a way they need to choose Home Mom life than a Work life. Nuclear family demands mother attention to husband, home, kids , schooling and it is absolutely fine to give your important years to your child..Take a good break of 2-3 years , bring to the level of stability and then choose your way.. I just want every mother should do something of her own choice in life.

Motherhood journey is never ending, but we need to enrich it every single moment.

Need Love from you all.. More Blogs coming up!