My Ssec Capstone Project Statement of Purpose From

Statement of Purpose From

Statement of Purpose
Name: Simranjeet Singh
Program Applied: Bachelor’s in computing science
Institute: Thompson Rivers University

The Visa Officer,
Canadian High Commission
Subject: Application for Study Permit

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Family Background:
I belong to a nuclear family consisting of 5 members including me. My Father is a Veterinary Doctor and Mother being a Home-Maker. My elder sister is a MBBS Doctor and elder brother has graduated from a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Academic and Professional Background:
I completed my Secondary School Examination in the year 2014 with grades in terms of CGPA being 8.4. I subsequently cleared my Senior School Certificate Examination in the year 2016 with 73 % grades overall. This was the basic education I held before entering in this dual core program having tie-up with the International Partner Thompson Rivers University. In Continental Institute for International Studies, I finished my first year of Study in Computing Science holding a grade score of 77(approx.). Following up in the next year, I secured a grade score of 83 and 75 in Semester 3 and 4 respectively.
Career Objective
As per the applied course, Bachelor’s in Computing Science, I am very excited to devote my long term career to this fast growing field. I have enjoyed dabbling with computers since I was young and experimenting with different applications. As an undergraduate, I found that I deeply enjoyed learning about programming and systems analysis. Well, my long terms goals are to be a software professional where I can use my skills of mathematics in research, designing and testing.

Explanation for selected Course:
Our lives have become so digitally connected that there isn’t a single industry in this world where the skill of a computer engineer goes futile. A fascination for science ; technology and a keen interest in ever evolving world of technology motivated me to choose computers field. During my pre-university studies, I have been steadily exposed to computer programming languages C++, Java, Networking, HTML, PHP.
In addition with the courses I have taken, I have been very active outside the classroom too. I have been involved in extracurricular activities over designing interactive websites in the college showcase. It was a team project and being a group leader I handled many aspects from coding to testing the website. Working with the team was an immense exposure as everyone is a joint stakeholder and with distinct views.
Why Canada:
There is only one logical destination for my undergraduate studies: Canada, which stands at the centre of the computing universe. Canada has always been chief driver of innovation in computing, and most successful companies have their headquarters in Canada. Studying overseas in Canada will thus give me not only professional skills but also a broader and international perspective. Therefore I finalized Canada for further studies and joining Bachelors in Computing Science after briefly researching about a number of courses. Moreover, Canada has a safe and secure environment, living standard of Canadians is quite good. A pleasant studying and working environment expels me to move there.
Why Thompson Rivers University:
After a brief research on where to study further, I look forward to shape up my career in the halls of Thompson Rivers University. I am very much interested to do Bachelor’s in Computing Science in your Esteemed University. My earnest desire to continue my future studies at your graduate school stems from the fact that it’s one of the top universities in Canada having an expert faculty, good research facilities and a healthy earning atmosphere. I am sure that this environment will always suit me and will bring the best in me. I am very joyful that I will scale new heights and career goals with cooperation in your esteemed university.
Future Aspects:
Regarding my goals for the future, I propose to take whatever I learn in Canada and apply to the computing industry of my native country. This is the rapidly growing country and shows great interest and potential comparing to other more advanced countries.
By studying in bachelor’s program, I expect to have expertise, the perspective and the experience necessary to lead out industry to new era. I have many friends working in the same field and quite similar goals and we hope that one day we will collaborate with each other and put our industry on the right map and have a name in the computing world.
Financial Status:
We belong from a middle class family where our expenses comes from my father’s government job. He has an income of 6 lacs (approx.) annually. I have paid my fee for year 3 i.e. $15010 in Thompson Rivers University along with the living expenses, GIC, of $10000.
I wish to assure you that you will find a disciplined and dedicated student in me. I hope you will give me a chance to prove my spirit and courage and worth in your university. Please feel free to contact me in case of any other requirements or queries.
Simranjeet Singh
[email protected]