St#1: Even though the American Dream is viewed as attainable for everyone, this is not always the case, sometimes due to external factors.
Cd#1: George believes he can achieve his dream with Lennie, but in reality, as long as he is with Lennie, his dream will not be possible.
-analysis a): A lot of people have something holding them back, that is preventing them from reaching their full potential. While George knows Lennie is holding him back, he can not bring himself to let him go.
Lennie represents deadweight that people carry around with them because they feel the need to. His quest for owning a plot of land leads to George realizing that getting a rid of this dead weight he is the first step to achieve their dream.
-analysis b): look for one later
Cd#2: Other times, it is your circumstance that limits the possibility of new opportunities.
Analysis a): Curley’s wife not being able to have her own independence or a life separate from him; as she is trapped in her marriage and society’s standard of what a wife “should be”, restricts/causes/means that….so what(finish the sentence)
Cd#3: Steinbeck wants us to understand that this pressure to conform to society’s standards can often be very suffocating.
Analysis a): These social norms are often very unrealistic and inaccurate. The social status of physical laborers is in many ways demeaning and strips away their respect. When Candy tries to back Crooks up Curley’s wife states that “Nobody (will) listen to you, an’ you know it.”
-here you would put your commentary with literary terms
+add more Cds if you can

How does George fit into the definition of a quester?
St#2: One never goes on a quest for the reason they state.
Cd#1: True goals are often shrouded by mis-interpreted dreams.
-analysis a): George believes the reason he went to the ranch was to buy a plot of land, while in reality, it was to obtain the self-knowledge that he can not achieve his dream with Lennie.

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