My Ssec Capstone Project Social media network websites

Social media network websites

Social media network websites, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, are an advanced way in which many individuals worldwide use to associate with companions they cannot be in physical contact with, connect to viral topics or controversies in the world. Browsing these websites influences individuals to feel engaged with a massive network by communicating, posting pictures or recordings for others who are either close or a million miles away. However, with the improvement in technology, applications have been developed and can be utilized to make false pictures of individuals at different places and make false news posts on social media. Therefore there is an outstanding demand for social media users to have the capacity to separate genuine material from false ones. With these, does the way people share on social media affect the perspective of an individual?

Social media is utilized by numerous individuals nonstop as these sites contain a ton of information streaming from news and photographs to viral topics and amusing videos. This way, it gives a different kind of entertainment to individuals and keeps them from becoming bored. Social media users invest their free time browsing their news feed to discover captivating things that they can either use in their day to day lives or to give them a laugh. Individuals likewise tend to rely upon their everyday living via social media. The Likes and reposts of their followers have turned into their method for satisfaction and expressing their value. The issue here is that individuals social standards change because they become very attached emotionally to social media.
Instagram Features their most loved pictures in a tab on their application. Indeed, the “Highlighted” tab on Instagram is for individuals who’ve obtained high fame in the social media’ scene. The famous people of Instagram compel individuals to gain more followers and ‘likings’ in their photographs. Most Adolescents utilize social media to keep visual of their fame against others. A popular thing called ‘selfies’ are currently emerging among adolescents. As expressed by Victoria Woollaston, a science and tech correspondent from the Daily Mail,” Young people are using selfies as a way of seeing how popular they are, and how many likes they get, on sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and this causes embarrassment if they don’t get as many as their peers.” Teenagers measure their self-esteem by posting their ‘selfies’ on Instagram. There it turns into an endless drive to who can get more ‘likes’ and remarks on a photo. In seek for contemplation, youngsters do not become conscious that they are undermining their self-esteem. Most adolescents are probably going to remove a photograph on the chance that it does not get the number of ‘likes’ they want or if they somehow happened to get a negative remark on a photograph. “If a teenager posts a picture and it does not get any ‘likes’ or if it is their birthday and they do not receive a certain number of posts they see that as an embarrassment.”

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