My Ssec Capstone Project Social media is everywhere

Social media is everywhere

Social media is everywhere. Millions of people have a social media account. What makes social media so popular? Why does it draw people in and cause them to use it and check it from the moment they get up till the last moments of their day as their heavy eyes droop wearily while they lower themselves to their beds. Then, though they are exhausted, they proceed to stay up all night causing them to struggle the next day to stay awake, at work school, or whatever they are doing in life.
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Social media is popular
Social media seems at first glance to be a good thing that brings people together while in reality it actually tends to push them apart. Imagine walking into a restraunt and seeing a family sitting down for a nice meal together. They sit down, pull out a smart phone and instead of talking launch their favorite social media application, and begin scrolling and posting, seeing what everyone else did, while never having a real conversation with those who are at the table with them.