Sk. Kabir Ahmed ( Associate Professor, Architecture Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna 9208, Bangladesh. Abstract Cities are in a continuous process of conversion and renovation of their different parts, which are spontaneously urbanized or purposely planned under different socio-economic and political circumstances in different period. Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh is modernizing day by day. In terms of continuous transformation, the traditional housing spaces of Dhaka city are already changed a lot. Now housing spaces have transformed as dwellers are becoming more physically and socially incorporated with the exterior happenings. Residences being constructed now completely diverse from the traditional structures like materials and living charms. As the urban housing spaces growing rapidly, existing tradition and communication outline create more impact in most built up areas. This paper purposes to observe the conversion trend and changes of urban housing spaces and compare built forms of houses in diverse stages. Social practice, family aspect, modern communication and technological revolution and land price are some of the influential aspects that affect the overall trend. This study tries to evaluate the changes of internal spaces over a certain time period regarding some practical configurations. Spatial forms within different house types not only clarify diverse local involvement but also recognize the effect of physical conversion through the course of urban sprawl. Keywords Urban growth, Exploration, Housing space, Alternation, Converting issues Introduction With the extensive sharp changes in social and cultural features driven by the time and technologies, Dhaka has developed as one of the most vibrant center points of economic cluster in Bangladesh. Though changes are unavoidable, the city experiences at present the growing effects of urban form. The urban form in this regard is defined by the structures based on what the city is flourishing and developing through using the adapted urban form to take the pressure of new housing and growth. The changes are quick although the changes have been happened due to numerous factors and due to the want of the society at various time periods. Indeed, above the level of technology and economic circumstance of the population and the urban housing space of Dhaka have been controlled mostly by the physical conformation of the landscape in and around the city (Islam, 1996). To realize the features of house forms, it is compulsory to have a strong knowledge about the settlement designs. Houses cannot be observed in segregation from the settlement, but most of them should be observed as part of an entire social and spatial system, which relates the houses, way of life, settlement, and even landscape (Rapoport, 1969). Globally, most of houses imitate the core requirements in a specific neighborhood. Both physical and socio-cultural aspects that form houses have been transformed and reformed over time. Currently, an inclusive sensation has tremendously inclined the conversion of indigenous perspectives from traditional to modern housing with the presentation of different practices of communication technology. The design of houses is not only develop its physical outline but also make such appearance of altering ethics, insights and customs of life. This research emphasis on the physical conversion of living places to outline the joining and the evaluation of the relations between built spaces and culture. The analysis of progression of internal space by outlining the improvement of spatial configuration over time specifies socially connected sensations among the housing patterns and assists to recognize the difficulties of uniformity and conversion of arrangement. Evolutionary housing morphology of Dhaka Cities are in a constant process of change and rearrangement of its different parts, which are impulsively developed or intentionally planned under diverse socio-economic and political situations in different period (Khan and Nilufar, 2008). Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, has experienced numerous physical and functional renovations. Dhaka characterizes a composite urban form developed through ages. Certainly, above the level of technology and economic condition of the population, the pattern of aerial growth and the urban form of Dhaka have been controlled largely by the physical conformation of the landscape in and everywhere the city (Islam, 1996). Dhaka city has been constantly developed without any particular planning application. The growing city appears to have unveiled a series of informal and organic spatial patterns. For this some parts of the city have been planned as residential areas for the determination of to deliver the basic services to their inhabitant. Over the history, Dhaka city develops from a medieval interchange town to metropolis. However, the main portions of Dhaka city are organic in nature. The pattern that exits in the historic city is the twisting and complicated street network, constantly twisted in and out, and was convoluted to an extreme degree in some places. The organic charm of the old part of Dhaka is mainly unique because of the density of its built-up areas in contrast to the bagginess of the later organic expansions (Khan and Nilufer 2008). With the formation of Dhaka Improvement Trust in 1956 (which was converted into the Rajdhani Unyayan Kartripakkha in 1987) greater concern and care was commenced in road construction and planning the development of the city. The DIT improved the Gulshan Model Town in 1961, Banani in 1964, and Uttara in 1965 and Baridhara in 1972 (though first conceived in 1962). The Dilkusha Gardens contiguous to Motijheel came to be overwhelmed by the ever-growing commercial requirements. The study of the physical growth of the city displays that from the early stage of their growth, the planned residential areas always persisted on the edge of the city. Housing sector and its arrangement House association has transformed over a long time period, continuously adjusting to react to necessities enacted by socio-cultural connections, behavioral aspects and family arrangement and also to get progresses in housing skill and to engage with innovative home utilizations. Normally, houses are systematized in unique groups of spaces, organized in form of internal zones (Amorim, 1997). Dhaka, the city had been recognized first by the Mughals, originated to develop. People who roamed to Dhaka city from rural parts in quest of work were courageous young people in search of new familiarities and prosperity. The intensification in the prominence of the position of Dhaka, first as a local capital later the divider of India, and after as a state capital in 1971 with the foundation of Bangladesh, carried with growing urban relocation, developing the fusion of cultures and values, rejuvenation and possible globalization. The outcome can be defined through history within some distinct disruptions with convention the appearance of the nuclear family dividing the combined family of the earlier, spatial and chronological sectioned of spaces into residential, commercial, institutional, recreational etc. and gradually, this has permeated into the design of dwellings, establishing the spaces portioning for diverse activities like sleeping, dining, reading etc., rather than a particular space obliging maximum events (Imamauddin, 1982). Progression of internal house form and characteristics This segment confers about the progression of the internal housing spaces through different periods of times in terms of globalization impacts. In this portion, the process of house usage deliberated briefly that appears to progress as a change in local notions, straightly from superfluous impacts which is just an outcome of globalization instead of indigenous transformation. Introvert houses This typology mentions to the inward courtyard houses where the entire house-organization is organized by converting the courtyard of the rustic archetype with respect to center. The adjacent structure may be disconnected or enclosed. During colonial period, local wealthy class carefully began to adopt European values, aesthetics and renovated their houses with European flavor where the plan revealed the long established old-style organization, life style and values. Primarily houses inclined to maintain the courtyard, which developed gradually adjacent as space restraints became severe. At the very beginning, houses, kitchen and latrines were retained as far distant as possible from the main housing accommodations which are more or less alike to rural houses. A distinct facility courtyard in three-courtyard houses can be observed in these initial dwellings too (Fig 01). Both Hindu and Muslim traditions in this region reinforced the knowledge of isolated spaces for women. The introvert courtyard plan endorses to sustain social order between the sexes by providing an outdoor area for the women within the house, which reduces exterior dealings of the female. Imamuddin (1982) also rightly stated as, female zone inhabits inner core of the house, severely protected and secured from the world outside as respect and integrity of the household relates to the grade of confidentiality and security to its female members. On the other hand, climatic explanation and relaxed living is delivered with necessary light and ventilation from within the court. In this courtyard arrangement, most parts of houses have single room depth with a verandah for allowing good cross ventilation. The courtyard type detached houses are the improved version of rural house where the different inaccessible mono-structured house blocks are placed around the court regarding the placement of huts (ghar). The outhouse (kachari), inner house and other blocks are positioned around the same court providing a sense of enclose. Sometimes service blocks are placed to share that court. In case of multi-court prearrangement, different courts have been designed according to the different zones and functions. The outer court, inner private court and discrete service court are the mutual features of this type of houses. Figure 01 Three court house (Source F.A. Haque, 1997) Extrovert houses The extrovert typology refers to the outward looking preeminent house blocks, which are placed in the middle of the composite in relation with other components. This type of house has been effectively inclined from the bungalow of the settlers having extrovert nature. Anthony King (1984) pointed out this type of bungalow as, the typical bungalow comprises of a low, one-story, spacious building, internally distributed into separate living, dining and bedrooms, the latter with attached rooms for bathing. A verandah founding an important part of the structure or otherwise attached to the outside walls surrounds part or all of the building. In this type of house, the main built-form is positioned in the center of an open land (called as compound) with an entry lawn and boundary. A front lawn with drive is commonly found in extrovert houses. Usually, the service blocks are placed apart from single or double storied main house block preferably at rear part of the backyard. The elite third culture peoples who had appreciated with colonial lifestyle have built this type of dwelling for their living. Intermingled houses The Intermixed houses are the combination of extrovert bungalow style with the traditional introvert courtyard house where both type of houses are originated in the same compound belonging to the same family. The outhouse of the complex has usually been initiated with extrovert isolated character while the inner house is facing an inward court. It is perceived that the outhouse has better degree of importance rather than inner house and the overall compound image emphases a bungalow type image. In this typology, the outhouse is situated at front or beside the inner house adjacent to a space like lawn, yard etc. where the inner house always covers a court either enclosed or detached. The intermingled house is eventually defined on the basis of examples stated above as a house complex combined both bungalow and courtyard house. Courts initiated from the rustic hut of Bengal are not only an open space or lawn of the house, rather it indicates as an enormous part of aboriginal living tradition in this region. Beyond tradition, the courts have organized or inclined the climatic viability in the house to meet the optimal necessity of life in deltaic region since thousand years which indicates that the service of courts are more essential for adaptation rather than requirement. The elites were frequently habituated in this manner, which encouraged them to create courts in inside or outside of the living places to support certain courtyard houses in the compound. It is also seen that numerous courtyards have been used in a joint-family house in the same compound or a single court has occupied different pavilions in the living boundary. This specific background possibly has influenced to create or establish a diverse block followed by colonist bungalow inside the compound besides the living unit. These bungalows were simply used for official or other activities other than living. Definitely, it is the scenario that the house complex primarily would have been set forth with a courtyard house connect with a bungalow and in secondary concern with temples, tanks and other associated structures. This particular style progressively has established a house-form, providing a solution of official (formal) and private domain in a singular compound with distinct region of cultural periphery. Conversion of house form of Dhaka (20th century) Morphology of Dhaka Morphology of Dhaka is about a thousand years old which is built on chowks (Market-squares) and mahallas (cluster of houses nearby a chowk or beside a linear street) (Khan, 1982). In their outward presences, all streets being avenues for retailing goods are bazaars. Mahallas cannot be willingly acknowledged as they are hidden behind bazaar or street frontage. In social classification, mahallas are interior family territories linking to the house and bazaars are peripheral (Khan, 1985). However, this pattern provided birth to two distinct methods of mahallas based on following plot divisions. This also states alterations in the socio-economic structure of the neighborhoods. The first form, mainly found in Hindu dominated mahallas, is along a slight strip of land up to 40m long with a road front of around 2.5 to 3.5 and height of up to four stories. Being narrow and deep, there are no beginnings on the side walls inner courts are the only basis for light and ventilation. In spite of having several small courts, the interior is usually dark and stifling. The linear site has an access road in front and a canal or service lane at the rear part. This pattern acquired shape in the pre-colonial period when the local city was reliant on natural and manmade water bodies for drinking water, waste disposal, transport and communication. So, plot subdivision had to take into reason the street (formal access) and the service (back), gradually generating the pattern (Rahman, 1995). But role of trade and the commercial value of the plot demanding a road frontage for each plot, and the use of the plots as shop-houses, played a key role in developing the pattern. The ever-changing second type is assisted with intricate network of lanes and by-lanes grown out of sub-division. Being loosely built, it is alleged through the periphery walls. These were mostly established and occupied for residential purpose. Nevertheless, with the improvement of native towns during the colonial period, canal based drainage system perished. With systematized service, houses reverted to unique form the popular and determined second form was thus built around a courtyard. The occupation and group of people according to class also varied in these two different classes of evolution. Businessmen, craftsmen or people from specific occupational group, who were dominantly Hindu, occupied the first type. Most of them desired the use of road frontage for their living. Well-off people and nobles related to the administration, agriculture and trades, or people from unfamiliar cultures like the Europeans, Armenians or the North Indians generally occupied the second type. Traditional houses in Dhaka Houses in Dhaka were constructed along the riverfront adoring the reward of the south and the river until it became congested during the initial twentieth century. Most other parts of the city had impulsive growth beside the winding narrow streets. Accesses to the plot and the house were directed by the road position. The old-style concept of south-facing house was not always conceivable to lie because of site placement. The entrance leads to the formal living room, the counterpart of the rural privy. The public part of the house is identical with the front or formal domain. If space allows, a veranda and a yard would front the public room(s). The front leads to the inner courtyard, often alongside a symmetric axis through either a central corridor of a big hall room. There may be other entrances leading to the inner court from a secondary road or through a narrow passage avoiding the public domain. On the ground floor, rooms are organized around the inner court, sometimes fronted by a veranda, which is the informal or private part of the house. On the upper floors, an unremitting veranda overseeing the court often acts as the major and the only transmission space joining the rooms. Internal stair(s) are located reliant on the size of the house and plot conformation. This part is the female area with constrained access, which accommodates diverse household activities and services. Thus the courtyard is the threshold transient semi-public space between the inhabitable rooms the private territory and the living (sitting) room the public territory. It is also the center of several domestic doings and a place of social communications including celebrations and ceremonies. Rooms, if not directly available from it, preserve a conceptual connection with it making a court the attention of the house. This connection is horizontal and as the link progresses, the grade of privacy alternates. The long proven climatic concerns like south wind, adequate rain protection and shade etc. are trailed in the spatial procedure. Houses need persistent ease ventilation through exposure to breeze in a warm-humid climate as in Bengal. Due to the prearrangement of rooms around an open courtyard, which encounters this criterion, most parts of these houses are single room depth with a veranda, which also permits better cross ventilation. Transformation of house form of Dhaka in the 21st century (environmental and spatial configuration) Altman and Wandersman (1987) pointed out that the communal life carries out the communal character and crucial features, such as, the occurrence of local institutions, official recognition, the type of housing they comprise, the pattern of social interaction and organization that they display, the ethnic, socio-economic, and demographic makeup of inhabitants. Population rise in urban centers has an influence on the built environment. On the one hand, poor people of rural context migrate to big cities in search of job and economic safety on the other, development of the city and new improvement in the fringe with modern amenities inspires the affluent to move out from traditional buildings. Newly the issue of globalization also becomes an imperative issue for more job prospects, which further hastens the physical changes of old centers to accommodate the arriving population. As a consequence of this phenomenon, communal life and identity are regularly lessening (Mahmud, 2001). A number of aspects can be recognized for such rapid changes in old-style neighborhoods. In many urban studies and research, urban scholars point out these factors as, the altering social structure of the family the impression of extended family diminishing multiplicity of the jobs and flexibility of people keeping family members apart conservation of old traditional dwellings becoming problematic appearance of developers and purchase of modern apartments with all services in limited, preplanned, secured neighborhoods and probable of present traditional houses for rental purposes for low-income groups. (Castells, 1985 Flanagan, 1990 Drakakis-Smith, 1997). Rapid migration of a large number of skilled and unskilled laborers to urban centers augmented the claim in housing and accommodation. To accommodate this number, many traditional residences are renovating day by day but without managing with any building code or recommended rules from the authorities. As the primary settlers are moving out and housing is engaged by people from outside, the traditional lifestyle is varying in the neighborhood and place attachment and personality might be interrogated. Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, has long been observed as one of the fastest increasing cities and at present the city accommodates nearly 15 million inhabitants and 60 percent of this population is migrants (BBS, 2005). Findings of spatial formation transformation reflected in social action and neighborhood identity The substantial variances in socio-economic, cultural, political and in climatic in Dhaka, a number of comparisons are present in their physical layout, as well as in the course of conversion of their domestic spaces in home background (Figure 2). In Dhaka renovation of the physical environment could not establish a substantial impact, as tenants are more worried to earn more money for existence than desire social communication with neighbors. In the traditional houses, courtyards are vital spaces for the daily events and interactions however, while these spaces are used for evolving extra rooms for rental purpose, there is decay in the social actions (Figure 3). The later accumulation and transformation of dwellings in the old buildings made the living entirely inaccessible from each other and as a consequence, social communication has progressively diminished. Figure 2 The hanging balcony highlights the courtyard, as a component for casting shadow, and also a sign for nobility among Hindu families (Source Mahmud 2007). The city center also obliged the middle-income dwellers and the expatriates to occupy these traditional houses, who could comprise themselves in economic activities using domestic spaces. The grade of variation and modification by the expatriate and their transformation and transformation of spaces into new functions shows the potentiality of the old-style houses. Old dwellings in the traditional neighborhoods have gone through extensive modification and revolution mainly due to economic causes. Also in both cases, landlords transformed their old houses either into economic enterprises or to rental units. Accommodation became the main importance rather than the social contacts and the replacement of homogeneous people with a more heterogeneous was recognized. To highlight the prominence of physical forms, Erman (1997) pointed out that, neighborhoods comprising of multi-storey apartments are less consistent and have feebler sense of community than neighborhoods with single-family residences. This is also true for Dhaka, as it has been verified to a number of apartment buildings, which have been inspected. People are now getting used to the different lifestyle where social interactions, community contributions and social proceedings are now taking place in big community centers outside the neighborhoods. These features also specify the variations in the lifestyle of the residents of our modern age where not only the physical renovation but the social achievement also generated long term impression that is gradually lessening the neighborhood supplement and therefore identity. Altering features of regular conversion In this segment this study deliberated the foremost issues of the altering inclination such as trend of living cost, revolution in living style, family size, effect of housing society and furthermost significantly impact of technological modifications. Trend of living cost Normally, the cities of the emerging countries have been faced with huge rising gap always between the wages and the expenditures of the middle class families. The increasing land value and manageability of the space are distributing the land into as much as slighter portions and the demand of living space is very inadequate according to high price. A foremost part of the regular family expenditures is to manage the price of living space. With the time period, the increasing inflation rate nearly adjacent to 7.93 (BBS, 2012), family earning progression is very restricted. The overall high expenditure is compelling families to lodge in less space, therefore totaling to the claim for lesser size urban residential parts. Altering life style Currently urban family size is getting too much limited and based on life style, with a regular single family including husband, wife and two children the old-style joint family perception is declining its approach of the urban situation. The percentage of working parents growing at a high rate over time and grasped opportunity of urban doings, experts might refer this as a western impact or evolution of modern culture, but the specifics persist for the developing cities culture and life style alternates with the varying aspects of globalization. The impact of global work place traditions took part within the living spaces and is an amalgamation of private and public life trend which expresses the urban life elegance. Usually, everyday living observations begins to outline the necessity of space and the practical features of the living spaces. Open spaces and paly grounds of urban societies are remarked in individual apartments including play station and gaming space. Public libraries have come forward to openings of information and material possessions with a laptop urging further space too. The internal space have altered to numerous purposes and altering spatial place with the transformation of happenings, a TV in the house is at one time an amusement hub, a study store and a sports center of fun as and when the action expresses the meaning of the space. This variation of life style has engaged with the requirement of separate spaces and pervaded a lot more open space alteration to the increasing need of urban living spaces. Minor family Size With the increasing pace of urbanization and living cost, the portion of expenditure has enforced families to cross over the old tradition and culture of joint family places. Retorting to the alterations in further open society, the notion of combined family house of numerous generation and relatives is gradually stepped out with fresh practice of several urban components with sporadic get together of family members to rejoice some main occasions. Evolving with minor family sizes and less private space requirement, the lesser urban apartment localities are building its own customs right into the housing marketplace. Similarly, such types of housing requirement is greater specially the families including professional parents needed to reside in such urban apartment community sharing common spaces and devouring a place with security. Conversion towards housing society Gradually the value of land area increase highly over time and the requirement of land with high intention for smaller family size have turned the urban residential zones to neighborhood community. The concept of small housing society evolves at a very high rate with every single decade. Such types of housing societies provide a notion to convert the inadequate land parcel to form multiple residential units constructing under the collaboration arrangement. By this way it formulates a society to mutually get the possession of the land and the other building amenity. The conversion from combined large family house to apartment society has completed the alteration of urban land price and influencing smaller units to single building cooperatively possessed by a small number of households. Old-style family courtyard communities have been significantly interchanged by the cooperative buildings with secure facility zones. High-tech space modifications Advanced technology has always dedicated to outline the space it claims including the houses and in public places too. The evolution of TV initially reformed the serviceable features of family living/drawing zone of a home and later it is more approaching of personal computer necessitated space for its efficient requirements. For instance the technology modifies its overall form and outline, so the necessity of the space that provides to its purpose. At present, introduction of Wi-Fi connectivity and touch screen easily movable devises, the requirement of distinct spaces is no longer relevant and the devices can easily move everywhere in the living room surrounded by the open planning internal space of minor urban units. With the provision of such modern facilities the outlook of internal spaces can be decorated and shuffled on users basis. Conclusion Though this study tried to relate the housing types with the society to find out the physical environments Dhaka city to understand the physical home environment which has barely originated any differences as far as social communication is concerned. In fact, socio-cultural aspects are more powerful than religious factors and that there are comparisons in the development of physical layout as their key active space was the courtyard. Undoubtedly, social and spatial structures are thoroughly interconnected nonetheless, in daily life the observation of spatial foundation is fundamentally inherent. Though surroundings modify space, but in returns it is shaped by society. Consequently, society maintains its origin in developing space however space, actually a physical unit, preserves the social configuration that inhabits it. In the urban background, these dominant social impacts have also directed the improvement of physical configurations. Like one of a straight outcome of colonial reigning in Bengal throughout the late 19th and initial 20th century was the formation of urban social elite. Although in Dhaka the original landlords were Hindu, the male reception area was detached from the female area, where confidentiality seems to be the most significant factor. Remarkably, for the Dhaka case, to deliver privacy became more difficult when Muslim occupiers came in the second phase, where the whole house was subdivided into smaller family units. Nonetheless, this releases a further debate whether the ever varying social relationship in the modern time and the alteration of the dwelling space are incapable to deliver the desired privacy which once played the major part in a Muslim society. It has been detected that in Dhaka city, old dwellings in the traditional neighborhoods have gone through extensive change and conversion mainly due to economic motives. Landlords converted their old houses either into economic enterprises or to rental units. Accommodation became the main priority rather than the social interactions and the replacement of homogeneous people with a more heterogeneous was comprehended. In recent times, urbanization in Dhaka has sustained and set incredible pressure on inadequate residential land. So with this urbanization trend, house form has converted even more combined, and obliviously buildings have gained in height. Thus, transformations in the income level and job status made such neighborhoods more crumbled and intimidating. These features also specify the changes in the lifestyle of the residents of our contemporary age where not only the physical revolution but the social action also formed long term influence that is slowly decreasing the neighborhood connection and therefore identity. Recently, in the modern developing morphology of multistoried apartments, the courtyard is actuality exchanged by an interior family drawing room. Living practices are always varying with the time, the requirement of space is exchanging, the action associated to the vital space is shifting, nevertheless the core notion of space hierarchy endures to readjust its space provisions to imitate the climatic requirement of the building and the ethnic admiration to the architecture which is too much home developed. This paper identifies the conversion of living spaces and its altering features from traditional communities to current housing society through diverse segments. Urbanization with modern technology and its influence on the civilization and culture, and finally on housing spaces have been acknowledged in this research. Humanities are molded through diverse cultural endurance, and different times revealed to diverse persuading features. The study has concentrated on the conversions of urban residences for the intermediate urban population of Dhaka illustrative of urban working mainstream. This study revealed that the traditional community scheme has sustained, despite all the restraint of regulations and physical planning during the last four decades. The traditional sets are now reallocated in the new neighborhoods, but with clear physical borders and less physical connectedness. Reference Amorim, L. (1997) The sectors paradigm Understanding modern functionalism and its effects in configurating domestic space. London Space Syntax Proceedings of the first international symposium 16-18. Altman, I. and Wandersman, A.(1987) Neighborhood and Community Environments Human Behavior and Environments, Plenum Press, New York. Castells, M. (1985) Urbanization and Social Change The new Frontier, in The Challenge of Social Change, ed. by O. F. Borda, Saga Publications, Beverly Hills, California 93-106. Drakakis-Smith, D. (1997) The Third World City, Routledge, New York. Erman, T. 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