My Ssec Capstone Project Since we live in an era where technology seems inevitable

Since we live in an era where technology seems inevitable

Since we live in an era where technology seems inevitable, we are technically forced to
submerge with new technologies in our mundane activities. We innovate new technologies to
make life easy. We learn new technology innovations to help us live the easiest life possible in
numerous ways such as at work, in schools and hospitals, in airports, and in most places we find
ourselves daily. What we usually tend to forget when dealing with every new technology, is the
negative impact it has on our lives. Due to the numerous benefits technology has to offer, we
unintentionally ignore the dark side of it. As we continue to witness the dynamic innovation of
technology, we have seen and heard some of the negative things that have happened using
technology. Such include the hacking of corporations like banks, and other financial institutions
such as credit card companies. There is also the positive aspect of technology. We have seen how
technology plays an integral part in US presidential elections such as advertisements from
various political parties, the use of social media for political campaigns, donations through
wireless mediums such as online credit card payments, to name a few. As consumers of
technology, we have the tendency to utilize technology in either a positive or a negative way.
The use of technology in this manner calls for the debate of whether technology is neutral. The
neutrality of technology is connected to the impact technology has on society and people in
general. This include the effect of technology to the social structure of society, such as politics,
democracy, authority to name a few. As illustrated by Robert Whelchel in his article Is
Technology Neutral, Langdon Winner defines the neutrality of technology as simply tools that
can be used to either benefit or harm depending on how it is used. This statement justifies that
technology is neutral. All the utilization of technology to accomplish a task whether remotely or
locally, positively, or negatively, is made possible due to the existence of computer networking.