My Ssec Capstone Project Since the world evolves

Since the world evolves

Since the world evolves, everything changes and the approaches to learn a second or foreign language are also changing. We, as teachers should be open-mind and try the new methodologies and re-inforce the ones that we have used and have worked. “Translation” is used around the world in different ways, from the simple use of a bilingual dictionary application or translator, in which you just have words or expressions in a different language, as far as the use of communicative “translation” what is being promoted in the learning and teaching context.
Nowadays, approaches, techniques and models are interested more in the students´ needs and that´s why “translation” is becoming a relevant topic in several specialized contexts. But we need to be very careful with creation, adaptation and planning a “translation” task for our students because it can turn into an unworthy activity. This previous statement is what I think is the real answer for “translation” use in our classrooms. I think “translation” could be a complement method for the approaches that we are using and not the only option to propose.