My Ssec Capstone Project Significance of the study This study gives what would the students prefer in making academic performance a success

Significance of the study This study gives what would the students prefer in making academic performance a success

Significance of the study
This study gives what would the students prefer in making academic performance a success, is having a romantic relationship helpful and motivational to individuals or it can be a distraction towards that. Whether having a single status can be full of focus towards academic performance to ensure success or this could lead to failure because of lack of motivation and someone to lean on.
This section will provide information in different individuals, about the significance of the effect of having a relationship or having single status on their academic performances as individuals.

Students. The researchers believe that this study provides meaningful information to the students since they are the ones really involved in this matter. This could be either a lesson or a catch-up to their settled lives whether they are in a relationship or not that they will know how this affects their performance at school.

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Teachers. The study aims to let the teachers know about the variables affecting students’ performance so that they may give them an advice on what to do on how to have a successful academic performance.
Future researchers. This study could be their guide in making their own research so that they may know what are those distraction that causes academic failure, so they may also know what is that factor that motivates them to do it, or it could be someone to lean on in situations that needs another person’s presence and that is whether in a romantic relationship or having a single status.
Definition of Terms
To equip a clearer understanding the subsequent terms were hereby operationally offered:
GPA (Grade Point average)
The weighted average grade of students and is used by universities as a mode of reference for admission.
Highest form of love; charity
Being in adolescence; emotionally matured
The conditions of being attach to something or someone relationship
Branch Out
Something that related to the past but takes in a new direction
Measurement; width
Characteristic of the time of chivalry and kinghood in the middle ages
Instinct that are manifested as impulse t gravity basic needs
Equity Theory
Comparing the ration of contributions
It presents naturally; built in
Being intimate
Philae Storage
Affectionate regard, friendship, love, and affection
Period of production of sex hormones and development of secondary sex
Rational Dialectics
An unceasing interplay between contrary or opposing tendencies
The state of being connected
Social Exchange Theory
Process of negotiated exchanges between parties
Being stable
Chapter 2
This study was conducted to discover whether or not there is as association between academic performance and involvement in a relationship status among the academic performance of Cebu Normal University students. The variables looked at were dating status (single or involve), level of involvement in the relationship, and grade point average. Variables were calculated on a survey measuring relationship and school satisfaction. One hundred forty- two students attending in Cebu Normal University were surveyed. Approximately seventy percent of those surveyed were involved in a relationship. The relationship assumed between grade point average and dating status was not supported by data. However, students involved in a relationship experienced more stress when facing deadlines for school. The data has not revealed any clear correlation in the study between dating status and academic performance, though hopefully further research in this idea will prove beneficial.

Related Literature
Chapter 3
Research Design
The researchers used the statistical information to see if variables relating to students relationship status; family relationship, friendship, casual relationship, and romantic relationship were significant factors affecting the academic performance of the Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English students. The researchers used descriptive research that includes surveys and fact-finding inquires of different kinds because it answers the purpose of the state of affairs as it exist at present which is the relationship status and the academic performance of the students.
Research Respondents
The respondents of the researcher were the Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English students in Cebu Normal University-Medellin Campus were compose of 142 students with 12 males and 36 females from BSEd-3A, 10 males and 34 females from BSEd-3B, 12 males and 38 females from BSEd-4.

Table 1
Distribution of Respondents
Male Female Total
BSEd-3A 12 36 48
BSEd-3B 10 34 44
BSEd-4 12 38 50
TOTAL 34 108 142
Research Environment
The environment of the study was the Cebu Normal University-Medellin Campus. It was situated in the vicinity of the Secondary School (Medellin National High School) and Elementary School (Medellin National and Science Technology Elementary School). It was establish in 2008. Cebu Normal University adapted the CNU Main’s Vision and Mission for the people of Medellin and other neighboring municipalities since its integration last October 2014. It has four departments namely: Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd), Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd), Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM) and lastly Certificate in Computer Programming and Servicing. Out of four departments, only BSEd students were requested to complete this study. It has 20 classrooms. The student’s population was around eight hundred (800) with eighteen (18) teachers and three (3) non-teaching personnel and managed by Campus Administrator. Below is the Cebu Normal University-Medellin Campus Map where it is located.

mapsResearch Instruments
A survey questionnaire was the selected instrumentation device. The agreed setting for distribution of the survey questionnaire was the students of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English based on the agreed schedule of the section.

Data Gathering
Permission from the Cebu Normal University- Medellin Campus office of the administrator OIC, Dr. Sol T. Galleon, was obtained. The OIC administrator gave his comments to the intent of the researcher to conduct survey regarding “The Effects of Relationship Status on the Academic Performance of the Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English students” for that the researchers may be given the approval to conduct the survey administration and shall coordinate with the OIC Administrator for the vacant period for the schedule of administration. The distribution process was established and the surveys were passed out during the week of (tentative). All students were given an orientation about the survey being conducted, but also from an introduction standpoint to reduce apprehension and to streamline the process on the day of the survey.

Statistical Treatment
The Grade Point Average will be tallied according to the classification level of their relationship status and will be arranged using the distribution table. After that it will be presented through graphical table delineating the result of the performance of the students in regards to their relationship status with its variety family relationship, friendship, casual relationship, and romantic relationship. If the result of the Grade Point Average of the students is not good, then, the researcher would suggest that in studying they should not go into any romantic relationship because it might ruin their attention in studying. After the data were gathered and collected, they were subjected to the following statistical treatment.

Arithmetic Mean was used to measure the central tendency. This was used to determine average Grade Point Average (GPA) of the students if that relationship status affects their studies. This formula for the weighted mean is as indicated herein.

WM = weighted mean;
N = number of classes;
f = frequency;
w = weight for each degree in the scale
Chi Square is the widely use non-parametric statistical test that describes the magnitude of discrepancy between the observed data and the data expected to be obtained with a specific hypothesis. It was used to investigate whether distributions of categorical variables differ from one another.

X2= fo-fe2fe Where:
fo = observed frequency
fe = expected frequency
? = summation
X2 = Chi square value
After getting the entire mean needed to be computed, the researchers used the chi square to proceed with the testing if there is a significant relationship between the four types of relationship of the students. The GPA were classified into three categories as below average, average and above average following the scoring below as needed for computation.

The basis of this scoring procedure is that if a student got a grade point average of 1.0-1.74, he/she considered as a dean’s list so we can say, that student performed well in the class.
Table 2 presents the scoring of the Grade Point Average classification of the students.

Table 2
Grade Point Average Classifications
1.0-1.75 Above Average
1.76-2.38 Average
2.39-3.00 Below Average