My Ssec Capstone Project Robert Hooke

Robert Hooke

Robert Hooke, an English scientist, discovered a honeycomb-like structure in a cork slice using a primitive compound microscope. He only saw cell walls as this was dead tissue. He coined the term “cell” for these individual compartments he saw.
First living cells seen

Anton van Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch biologist, looks at pond water with a microscope he made lenses for.
Miniature animals

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Anton van Leeuwenhoek made several more discoveries on a microscopic level, eventually publishing a letter to the Royal Society in which he included detailed drawings of what he saw. Among these was the first protozoa and bacteria discovered.
The center of the cell seen

Robert Brown, an English botanist, discovered the nucleus in plant cells.
Basic building blocks

Matthias Jakob Schleiden, a German botanist, proposes that all plant tissues are composed of cells, and that cells are the basic building blocks of all plants. This statement was the first generalized statement about cells.