My Ssec Capstone Project Reflective/ Knowledge base evidence Nasima ChowdhuryUnit 025 The role of a health and social care worker 2

Reflective/ Knowledge base evidence Nasima ChowdhuryUnit 025 The role of a health and social care worker 2

Reflective/ Knowledge base evidence
Nasima ChowdhuryUnit 025
The role of a health and social care worker
As a support worker I have quickly learned what individuals can do for them self and what they require my help/support with such as personal care, cooking, cleaning, dressing depending on the different service user, I also have the responsibility to record and views an individual might have. Any service user has the right to be supported and make decisions for themselves or through an advocate. When I am helping individuals to communicate what they want in their life, I do carry out my role in the best interest of the person I am supporting. Different people need things to be done differently and this is because we are all different. Individuals can choose how they want to live their life; my role is to support them, not to tell them what they should do. I know that working with individuals is about working together rather than one part dictating everything. As a carer I do support individuals to receive care in a person centred manner, this is by putting the person at the heart of support. For example, there are some people who like having showers everyday and others every other day. In this case I do what they want to be done not treat them as a group. I like encouraging individuals to do things for themselves as much as possible, when service users are included in every sort of care they are given, they do want to participate more. This is because the care they are given is their own choice.

Treating individuals with dignity and respect is my first priority – having these values and taking them on board guides me to do everything right and prevent abuse from happening.

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2.2, 2.3
I always arrange the hoist and sling for the transfer and the wheelchair for my client which they use it. I read through the care plan, moving and handling guidelines and risk assessment of the service user and home’s manual handling policy and going on training so that I would not use unapproved ways to move and position for my clients. For me the key principles of moving and handling are where possible to not manually lift, assess the risks and then use equipment provided with the right technique and support of the individual being moved.

I always examine the wheelchair, hoist and sling for safety. I know the manoeuvre and the reason for it and obtained the individual’s consent for the transfer and encouraged me to help too
I think it is important to work in partnership with others because it enables a high level of consistency in how service users would like to receive care and what works best for each individual service user, it is also important that we work in partnership to resolves conflicts and to ensure the support is carried forward and the service user is happy to receive the same support from a different member of staff but in the same way.

To communicate with each other staff meetings and following care plans(updates) reading daily records and passing on new ideas, Document everything in the communication book, to make sure the information reaches all those who need to know and then inform my manager about any situation I feel needs to be passed on. It is important I work in partnership with individuals so that the best and safest support can be provided to both. It is also important I work in partnership with my manager and report any incidents.

Ways of approaching would be calm and friendly as possible reassuring the service user that everything would be ok, Explaining clearly what the conflict is and giving choices or options on the best ways to resolve the conflicts, give them choices to talk to other people if they are not happy to talk to me or I’m unable to give sufficient advice to deal with the conflicts by my self.

Partnership working –I access support and advice on partnership working when I feel that the service is not being provided and if I feel that there are weaker members in the care setting that required more training or support,
I seek advice on resolving conflicts after trying to resolve myself and have failed to do so, I do this by speaking with a team leader and my manager ensuring I have explained my attempts of resolving.

Support individuals to access and use services and facilities
2.1, 2.2, 2.3
I’ve noticed that my client Mr Samir., who has his meal delivered by Fore runners always having lamb for dinner. When I asked why, he said because he has got problems with chewing and lamb is the easiest to chew for him. I have told him that he can request Forerunners to liquidize his meal so he can order different kind of meals. Since then he is very pleased that he can have a variety to choose from.

3.1I believe an individual require to access and use following services such as
Family/next of kin
Other healthcare professionals
Social worker
My responsibility as a care worker is to be aware of the various policies and legislations that will facilitate good practice when supporting my clients to access services and facilities. I am also expected to monitor and evaluate the service provided to ensure it is meeting the needs of the client.
The best way to do so is to listen to individuals’ concerns as each one may have a totally different and genuine need. It would also be beneficial in encouraging friends, family, and other users of facilities and services to listen to the individual because everyone has a right to voice their concerns and have their voice heard.

4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4
I work with individuals to agree preferred options for services and facilities, identifying any risks that need to be managed and inform other healthcare professionals to select the services and facilities that will enable them to meet the individuals’ assessed needs.

The best way is to encourage individuals to give feedback. We have to ensure them that if they are not happy with the service there are still plenty of other solutions to meet their needs.

I usually collect all the information and record/report all the actions, procedures and outcomes to the line manager.

For example Mr Samir’s grab rail handle was not fitted at the right place. It was just not comfortable for him to grab and have a shower at the same time. I had to contact his occupation therapist to reassess him and agreed to be refitted.