Recently, there have been many studies on the polyaniline (PANI) due to its unique characteristics such as high electrical conductivity, eco- friendly, and ease of preparation. {1–4}
Because of outstanding and numerous feature of polyaniline there are multiple application such as electrode materials, rechargeable batteries, radiation shielding materials and recordable optical discs and anticorrosion inhibitors. {5, 6, 7}
In recent years, anticorrosion implementation of PANI has revived great attention among researchers because of its high efficiency as corrosion inhibitor {8, 9, 10, 11, 12}
solubility20; and deposition on the surface of substrate
metal by electrochemical techniques to protect material
from corrosion were studied.7,21,22 Among these
techniques, mixing of the PANI with epoxy resin by


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