My Ssec Capstone Project RBAF Core Values

RBAF Core Values

RBAF Core Values. RBAF core values represent attitude that need to be inculcate within each of personnel in order to achieve vision. This core values derived from our role as a community, a leader, and a manager in an effort to achieve the objectives and perform the duties of preserving the sovereignty of Sultan, religions, and nations. These values are useful in building the morals of a RBAF member and need to be respected. Four core values that need to be absorbed and practiced by all RBAF personnel are as follow:

(a) Piety. Piety intends to obey the command of Allah and keep away from His prohibitions. To believe in the belief and faith that leads us towards achievement of excellence. This value instills the determination in each personnel to serve with faith and believe in every work as worship and expect the reward of Allah. In general, piety will lead to raising spiritual motivation to individuals to discipline and to perform their duties and responsibilities with full honesty and prudence.

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(b) Faithful. Faithful is commiyyed to defend and uphold the sovereignty of Sultan, religion, and nation in line with the concept of Malay Monarchy (MIB) philisophy. It also encourages to serve faithfully in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of individuals and teams

(c) Courage. Courage means the willingness to be responsible in dealing with any obstacles as well as wise in taking action.

(d) Professional. Professional means the competence, skills, diligence, knowledge, dedication and ethics required in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. This value improves one’s skills to showcase the identity of a team that is efficient, effective and competent.