My Ssec Capstone Project Racial stereotyping can be harmful to an ethnic group

Racial stereotyping can be harmful to an ethnic group

Racial stereotyping can be harmful to an ethnic group. It can cause racial discrimination among groups and keep you from seeing individual differences in people. Racial stereotypes are generalizations of different groups. When you stereotype you judge people who are different from you. We hear stereotypes all the time on TV, schools and other places. It is even in books. They stick in our mind when we hear them. Stereotypes may seem funny to some people, but they are harmful to people they are about. Most stereotypes are negative and not true. People should not stereotype because it is harmful.
A stereotype is a fixed, overgeneralized belief about a particular group or certain class of people. (Cardwell, 1996). It can be based on looks, gender or the background they belong to. (Cardwell, M.) People stereotype when they don’t know the truth about people. So when people hear negative stereotypes about a group and don’t know better, they believe it. When you stereotype and group, you don’t see the differences in people. Many stereotypes are based on race. Everyone has different behaviors. You can’t blame everyone in a group for something one person does. After the September 11 attacks some people believe all Muslims are terrorists. This is stereotyping. It isn’t right to blame everyone in the group.
Stereotypes have been around for a long time and we hear them a lot. Stereotypes are made about cultures and ethnic groups which are the same. There are negative stereotypes about every ethnic group. (Fact Sheet: Racial Profiling) Most people don’t know they do it. Ethnic groups stereotype other groups and cause prejudice feelings. There are a lot of negative feelings about groups that started years ago. Stereotyping changes the way you treat people and causes racial problems. Some people believe African American men are aggressive. Some cabs won’t give them a ride because of it. Some students feel there is nothing wrong with stereotyping, but students deal with racial discrimination because of it. There are schools that don’t expect as much from minority students because of stereotypes. (American School Board Journal)
Some people think stereotyping is funny and there is nothing wrong with it. But racial stereotypes are not funny and most of them are wrong. They can cause discrimination with groups and change the way we treat people. Some people think stereotyping is a way to identify people. But when you stereotype you judge and most of them are negative. You don’t see differences when you stereotype and think everyone in a group is the same. Everyone is different and should be treated that way.
Whenever you judge people without knowing them, you are stereotyping. Stereotyping makes people generalize and causes racial discrimination. It keeps us from seeing differences. There are negative stereotypes about every ethnic group. Most of them are not true. You should treat people based on what you know about them and not on stereotypes. Every group has differences that people should think about. Stereotyping is not funny and not ok. It is wrong and harmful. People must stop stereotyping. It will help make the world better.