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Prepared by: Moy, Jeff, Abbas
Authority: Leader Dave
Subject: Business leadership (BOH4M)
Date of Submission: 27 AUG 2018
Alcatel Corporation Functions Report

Alcatel is a technology firm that develops and markets a variety of cellular devices in more than sixty-one international locations under the Alcatel logo. At present, Alcatel, the Alcatel company which is priced and prepared with the technology that humans need is a wholly owned subsidiary of TCL Corporation. Certainly, Alcatel is now one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world. The Alcatel`s headquarter is situated in France.

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In 1998, Alcatel Company has changed to identify informational communication that helps with providing data and knowledge over the Internet. The company is now part of Nokia and, TCL ended up installing a public vision in 2004 called TCL exchange technology Holdings Ltd. In April 2004, TCL Communications announced that the current status of TCL and, Alcatel has a joint venture of Alcatel mobile phone with TCL Telecom has invested fifty-five million euros in exchange for 55% of the shares, while Alcatel has invested 45 million euros to transfer all mobile phone manufacturing industries to the new entity. The joint venture was implemented in September 2004. In 2006, the joint venture was offered. TCL acquired Alcatel-Lucent’s 45% shares and became Alcatel’s mobile phones become a brand name licensed to TCL. So, it is a joint venture between Alcatel-Lucent and TCL, which is now available via Nokia and it is certified. Alcatel company has 10000+ employees worldwide. Additionally, Alcatel has competitors which are obvious such as Cisco Systems, Ericsson-Worldwide and, Huawei Technologies.
By looking at the consistency of mobile phone companies and contests, Alcatel is losing its position to Apple and BlackBerry, but it sets the benchmark in terms of planning capability, supply chain control, and observation. Within the mobile phone suppliers at Orange and others, Alcatel was primarily innovative, service, modified and particularly for fun. Compared with various mobile phone companies around the world, Alcatel has broken that need to set up its brand by keeping it reliable. Since Alcatel is a very small business enterprise, however giving it a great ability compared to competitors. We assume that Alcatel has a better management of human resources, with Social certificates SA8000 for enterprises and, social commitment consecutive years. This is self-confidence for clients that TCL is a socially responsible company.
The corporate culture of Alcatel corporation is reducing off in date oriented place of business, pleasant, relatable personnel, provides training and educational guides to create a greater knowledgeable professional employee. Excessive artwork, stability exceptional people and control, further to Many possibilities to look at & develop your career. With splendid workplace environment-fun region to work. Additionally various, speedy, high-quality manner.
And the way how Alcatel Analysed information and determined regions need to be addressed. Ultimately we inspired Alcatel corporation with supportive control and the toughest part of this job to work underneath excessive stress to acquire their targets during the implementation of the recent factors.
There are numerous processes and demands of employees in Alcatel company for the recruitment and one of the demanded jobs is Account Director, as well as Alcatel wishes education Vertical “Alcatel Lucent USA” and Marshall and lead cross-organizational deal pursuit teams, accurate and on-time order forecasting, obtain annual order and sales goals also expand and execute an corporation sales strategy with related account plans targeted on key marketplace verticals and target clients nevertheless, finances and expense control and qualification requirements inclusive of 5-10 years revel in vertical schooling with excessive technology products or services, understanding of the education process, revel in running with distribution and, revel in higher education sales.
Maybe Alcatel one of the greater stable corporations in the risky industries worldwide, right breadth of product mix, decent revenue and benefits, well-positioned with important service carriers, Superb possibilities to analyse technology decent opportunities to make low to centre-degree selections, Matrixed reporting structure is an invite to make decisions without a number of approvals. As well as there is a recommendation to the employer for improvement, which is a term of executive levels through 50% dispose of executive unfastened time for political posturing. Offer organizational economic support prior to placing assignment targets.
One of the income insurance in Alcatel company that is a group of 27 former employees of Alcatel-Lucent claims the telecommunications large violated the worker Retirement income security Act via dumping them into accepting an early-retirement benefits package and saving more precious benefits deal underneath wraps to the District Court for the District of Massachusetts on Tuesday in opposition to Lucent technology Inc, which has since merged with Alcatel, the corporation’s $21 billion pension plan, and different benefits plans. And the suit alleges that Lucent breached its fiduciary obligation.
Alcatel corporation mission statement “Their mission is to offer to their clients an excellent, high-quality telephony program and assist carrier, which allows them to manipulate their communications and relationships with their stakeholders efficaciously, successfully and profitably. To acquire this they may also invest in their staff education, technical aid mechanisms, even as facilitating lasting relationships with our providers and clients.”
Strength: Alcatel company has lots of strengths that can the company be supported with which are, line with the evolution of the telecommunications marketplace, repairing communications and Broadband as there broadbands are very famous and meet the people’s needs, diverse into many segments, flexibility and responsive corporation such serving people online with no wasting time at the same time and, presence in the most dynamic markets.
Weakness: There are also disadvantages such as Alcatel company has additional sources required to finance business and, low margins in lots of segments and restricted worldwide presence.
Opportunities: There are lots of opportunities that Alcatel gives like new emerging markets which that gives people and clients facilities to make their world easier as well as, population increases and urbanization is increasing the demand.
Threats: Weakening greenback, weakness within the telecommunications marketplace, speedy modifications in technology, a limited quantity of massive clients, the limited safety of intellectual assets rights and, weak point its thinness in the united states and on the internet.
PEST plus C
Alcatel Political factors: The impacts of political factors on Alcatel is difficult to envision. The corporation is totally based within the European country of France. But the French government has refused to offer it a bailout or unique favours with the alternative device manufacturers. Unlike a few tech corporations, Alcatel lacks strong government assist. These can both assist and harm for the company as it is not related to a prime strength. However, it would lack the political clout of American or, Chinese opponents.
Alcatel economic factors: Alcatel suffered closely from the European downturn in the recent years. Financial turmoil in Europe has hurt Alcatel badly via limiting purchasing strength in its domestic markets. Unlike Alcatel has had a difficult time tapping into the short-growing in Chinese marketplace as well as Alcatel also lacks the important economic sources available to some of its competitors, along with Google, Apple, Samsung and Nokia within the beyond. Particularly, Alcatel seems to lack the research and improvement of abilities which have enabled those agencies to expand new devices and tap in such range markets. One purpose why it lacks those competencies is that Alcatel without a doubt does now not have the cash to finance extensive research and developments efforts like its competitors do.
Alcatel Social/Cultural factors: among the maximum famous apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook are designed for greater popular running structures such as Google’s Android and Apple’s proprietary iOS. Alcatel decision to utilize the Microsoft windows telephone instead of Android restricted its enchantment to many clients. Similarly, in more current years Alcatel has needed to address the famous misconceptions that there are most effective two brands of the cell phone in the marketplace, Apple and Samsung which there are most effective operating systems iOS and Android. This has stored many customers from even thinking about Alcatel as products.
Alcatel Technological factors: The technological competitions affecting Alcatel are on the basis of the social factors limiting its commercial enterprise. The improvement of open assets running systems inclusive of Android and the discovery of apps noticeably modified the mobile phone marketplace. Alcatel’s Telephones have been converted from easy communications gadgets into handheld computer systems. Which this brought about a situation in which clients desired to carry out an extensive variety of responsibilities with phones, inclusive of taking snapshots, looking streaming video and performing commercial enterprise features. The hassle also changed into compounded with the aid of Alcatel’s decisions to utilize the much less popular windows cell phones operating gadget and to stick with its own operating system. This limited clients’ selections and made it tough to sell Alcatel products to more youthful purchasers.
Alcatel competitive factors: Alcatel has no longer be capable to noticeably faucet the potentially lucrative marketplace for different forms of cellular devices such as tablets and wearable technology. This can substantially lessen its competitive aspect inside the future. Which Alcatel wishes to increase productivity, requires massive ; mastered use of information and communications technologies. Additionally, Alcatel improves and, plans to sweep all regions to access the target market. As well as Bringing Broadband in all regions for all at an inexpensive price.
In Alcatel corporation, there are rationalization and increase techniques. Alcatel has in no way been loose cash flow which, that is advantageous and has handiest published a profit in three hundred and sixty-five days. While Combes took over two years in the past. The corporation was so fragile that some of its biggest clients have been considering abandoning it over fears it would quickly be bankrupt. TCL has considering been via 10,000 layoffs, offered approximately 600 million euros in property, and do a 1 billion euro capital increase to shore up its budget.