My Ssec Capstone Project Preet Patel HIST101

Preet Patel HIST101

Preet Patel
HIST101, U.S. to 1865
Professor Adam Meredith
November 14, 2018
In modern age, the concept of duel might be considered an immature or low class thing but challenging someone was not only considered as an honor but also that was a practice to show how strong, competitive and prideful the person is. The most central aspect of man’s identity was his honor and, thus was, maintaining his reputation by any means. Thus, Dueling continued as a popular means of establishing honor and settling differences, for hundreds of years. A duel is a very controlled sort of fight between men; In very rare occasion women did duel. The word comes from Latin word Duellum, a contraction of duo means two and bellum means war. Dueling started as a less violent way to solve disputes. People thought that God would pass judgement during a duel and save the “right” person.
Duels were held principally to defend the honor but, it was also a way to prove themselves as a leader. Once challenged then it could not be ignored or else a career would be destroyed. Dueling was a public matter and was published by various means, and even gossiped about the insults and the challenges to duel. The first American duel took place in 1621 at Plymouth Rock. Duel was more importance and was enjoyed more in South America than North America. Majority of Southern Duels were fought by lawyers and politicians. In 1800’s, Slavery was the main issue so, almost in the beginning of 1800 Dueling had almost lost favor in the North but still there was a dispute in the South where Social standing was still an important subject. South and the West often practiced Dueling, although 18 states outlawed by 1859. In the following years of civil war dueling became less common. Also, by the start of 20th century many laws were passed, thus Dueling became the thing of the past.