My Ssec Capstone Project People here in Philippines are popular about eating street foods

People here in Philippines are popular about eating street foods

People here in Philippines are popular about eating street foods. Philippine street foods, also know “pagkaing kalye” in Pilipino is a wide variety of inexpensive cuisine that you can buy from vendors or paddlers on the streets. It is essentially influenced by other neighboring countries dishes like Chinese and Japanese, taken to the next level and given a Filipino twist.
The food industry has become great in number. With this occurrence, various businesses started to rise. One of these is the street food trade. It is an activity that provides employment to many while selling fast, tasty and read-to-eat foods to people in the streets or other public places by the vendor or hawker, often in portable stalls. Being low cost and convenient, street foods preferred by almost 2.5 billion people in the world to satisfy hungry.
However, the economy sometimes allows poor hygiene standards, making consumption of street foods a potentially hazardous source of nutrition. Since street foods are located in the public area like pavement school premises, rail and bus station, church, thee problem such as microbial contamination, unhygienic practices, and lack of basic facilities like potable water are associated it.

The main problem of this study is to find out the health safety awareness and cleanliness of street food vendors in handling street foods for the consumption of students along private school of ACLC or AMA Computer Learning Center about The preferred street foods of grade 12 students.
What hygiene practices are exercise by street foods vendors in preparing food?
How often do street food vendors attend orientation and training regarding food handling?
What health benefits do street foods offer?
What health risks do street foods give?
Why are street foods well like by students?
Are street foods are really dirty?
How safe are street foods?

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