My Ssec Capstone Project Pencils and sketchbook are the things that I carry along in my bag every day

Pencils and sketchbook are the things that I carry along in my bag every day

Pencils and sketchbook are the things that I carry along in my bag every day. To capture the best moment of architecture, I decided to sketch them up. My choice of studying this subject stems from my interest in both art and practical side of architecture.
I am attracted to curvy and nature-inspired designs. I am fascinated with the pieces created by Oscar Niemeyer. His piece Gonzalo Viramonte inspires me the most, in which he uses curves and natural lines to form the building, and manipulated from a narrow start to a vast opening. This is surely an innovative way to create the atmosphere and enhancing the spiritual experience of the worshippers. The curves of his designs also reminded me of a natural curve of women, which is so basic to my first feeling of love and warmth.
In addition, I am aware of the unique identity of the buildings. For me, a building is a projection of how people live and interact with each other. Buildings have different feelings to people. This made me interested to see how people inhabit their spaces. And for my career, I really wanted to influence how people react to their built environment.
This summer, I have joined an Architecture Career Discovery Program. I was challenged to think creatively, and also work under time constraints. I was asked to design a space for two individuals in a given imaginary volume. Discussing my original ideas with the tutors, I realized that there are always unknown problems when heading to the final design. I have to analyze the problem critically. To avoid the same issue happening, I have to apply my imagination and creativity, in order to create a daring new design and resolve the problem. Embedded the concept of connectivity and curvy designs, I designed a space consisting of two interconnected buildings for a divorced couple. At the end of design studio, I displayed the models and presented the design ideas in front of visiting critics and students, and receive feedbacks and critics from them. I have gained valuable feedback from the professionals on how my design can be more functioned. These reviews have allowed me to think outside the box. I also learned to present a complex idea in a simple way of emphasizing the concept behind my design.
During the program, I also had an opportunity to talk to several architects. They shared their experience involving in a construction project. I came to realize that a successful project never emerges from a single person or idea. Rather, It requires effective communication in a team of engineers, designers, and contractors to achieve the maximum greatest effect.
I acknowledged the importance of time management in studying Architecture. Making sure things could be done before the deadline, during the program, I planned throughout my working process and set up my own deadlines for my design.
While at school, my role as a vice-chairperson involved communication with teacher and student on organizing volunteering projects. Leadership, organization, and adaptability were three of the skills that I developed during this time. These are of utmost importance when looking forward to further studying and my career path both individually and within a group that requires teamwork and communication.
I can think of no better way to enhance my skills, enthusiasm, and experience than continuing my studies within such a forward-thinking environment.