My Ssec Capstone Project Over the past millenniums

Over the past millenniums

Over the past millenniums, technology that has been invented to ease our daily challenges and laborious workloads, have been rapidly upgrading until to this present century where the use of electronic and robotic devices have made its own revolution into the world and have impacted humanity immensely.
Our way of communication, education an economical development have been altered due to the advancement of technology which has its positive and negative effects.
One of the major factors of technological impact on humanity is communication. Technology has created a simpler way of communication among people, businesses, ethnicities and even unearthly beings that are contrary to the world. The invention of Smart phones, Laptops, PCs and various machineries and mechanisms has allowed this to take place. Social media has been introduced to the platform due to technology and has been spread across the universe as it serves each individual many benefits. One of which is communication. Applications such as Whatsapp, Websites such as Wikispaces and Emails, have made the communication process among individuals and workplaces simpler .
Technology has caused the field of education to become a strong and manageable system that each student, professors, education officers and other occupations that fits into the education field, can adapt to. Instead of teaching a classroom on a boring whiteboard and having students carry the back breaking loads of textbooks, Applications and numerous platforms provides teachers and students a way to transform the strenuous system into a much simpler way of education. Teachers can use organizational websites such as Edmodo ,which can allow them to make groups of classrooms and at their fingertips can send all assignments and important notes . Some may object to the fact that a number of students prefer the lecturing environment, however, a vast majority has proven that technology is much better based on their independence in gathering information from educational software.