My Ssec Capstone Project Operation Barbarossa was the name of axis Germany’s attempt to invade the Soviet Union

Operation Barbarossa was the name of axis Germany’s attempt to invade the Soviet Union

Operation Barbarossa was the name of axis Germany’s attempt to invade the Soviet Union. The operation started the 22nd of June 1941 and stretched to December 5th 1941. Axis power’s overall goal was to take control of the Soviet Union and their oil fields which were within it, the attack stretched to thousand miles from the black sea to the northern cape. Hitler deployed some 1.5millon troops from already German occupied Poland Finland and Romania know as in the form of blitzkrieg attacks.
Within a single week Germanys forces had advanced some 3000 kilometers into soviet territory, destroyed close to 4000 planes and killed /captured or wounded some 60,000 Red Army troops. The scale and strength of this operation had been unseen at this point in time and still has not been replicated to this day. Aside from the pure man power and feet on ground that Germany employed, they also had up to 3000 tanks, 2000-5000 aircraft and 7000-20,000 pieces of artillery scattered along the frontier. This occurred over the course of a few months and many more casualties to both sides. Germany had their eyes set on Moscow the capital of soviet of union. But they did not succeed they were halted by the famous Russian General, General Winter. This was not the only thing that slowed and or eventually stopped their invasion. Local snow falls and weather conditions slowed groups of Germanys tanks essential to the invasion. Along with Russian forces and tactics it was inevitable they were going to fail.
After failing to invade Moscow, Germany’s plans to take over the Soviet Union had to be revised. Hitler blamed the local weather. This was a factor however; Germany’s forces underestimated such a large enterprise that Russia concealed.

I truly believe that this was one of the main turning points in Axis power fall. They were so close to the goal but never succeed. They lost 775,000 soldiers to the operation and with such huge casualties returning home to a driven and right-wing Germany with nothing to show servilely damaged Germany’s moral as an army and country. Considering they were unable to capture the oil fields Baku they lost much more then they gained in any way. considering Hitler had realized that Germany’s oil sources were running low and he had no way to gain more resources.
After operation Barbarossa, Germany walked away empty handed and defeated and until this point this was unheard of. After losing valuable men, resources slowly started changing for Axis Germany and due to this and the moral hit Germany took, I believe this was one of the major reasons they lost the war. It also changed the political landscape of Europe at the same time, giving allied forces hope and belief that Germany was beatable. It opened a window which the allied forces took advantage of, and the rest is history
All and all operation Barbarossa impacted Germany and the world around it massively. It changed the way the world looked and felt about Germany. Germans themselves even changed the way they thought about their country, its capability and even their leader, this warped political views and was a key turning point and part of axis Germanys down fall and eventual loss of the war. It was truly a crucial part of world war.

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