My Ssec Capstone Project Opening New Dunkin Donuts Locations Name Institution Instructor Course Date Opening New Dunkin Donuts Locations Introduction Dunkin Donuts is a store

Opening New Dunkin Donuts Locations Name Institution Instructor Course Date Opening New Dunkin Donuts Locations Introduction Dunkin Donuts is a store

Opening New Dunkin Donuts Locations
Opening New Dunkin Donuts Locations
Dunkin Donuts is a store, which was founded in 1950 and specializes in baked products and a coffee chain. Dunkin Donuts is the leading franchise in baked products with more than 20 Dunkin Donuts locations serving more than two million customers every day (Dunkin Donuts, 2018). Dunkin’ Donuts has over 11,000 restaurants across the world with a large number of stores in the United States, which are distributed in 41 states (Dunkin Donuts, 2018). With the responsibility of Dunkin Donuts district manager, it is my duty to ensure that the company’s goals are achieved by ensuring that the operations are performed according to the desired performance (Baack, Reilly, & Minnick, 2014). This includes ensuring growth of the franchise by opening five new locations over the next two years. For this to be achieved, it is important to develop a strategic plan, which will include a job design, an organizational design, recruiting and selection process, and training and performance appraisals (Baack, Reilly, & Minnick, 2014).
Job Design
Job design entails designing the core functions of the human resource management, which is important in aligning the organizational requirements. This involves outlining and organizing tasks, duties, and responsibilities in the company as a single unit, which is important in achieving the desired company’s objectives (Baack, Reilly, ; Minnick, 2014). This process will involve three steps, which include job analysis, job description, and job specification. Job analysis involves identifying the appropriate skills and abilities, which are important in successfully completing a task (Baack, Reilly, ; Minnick, 2014). The human resource department is responsible for determining the tasks and creating the job design. This helps in selecting the right people for the right positions as this will provide a deeper insight on what roles and responsibilities are to be performed as well as the professional requirements for the employees in filling up these positions (Baack, Reilly, ; Minnick, 2014).
Job description involves determining the current definition of a certain positions in the company, which will help in determining the roles and responsibilities of the position as well as the remuneration for the position (Baack, Reilly, ; Minnick, 2014). Job description will involve comparing how other Dunkin’ Donuts district managers have divided job duties in their stores and what criteria they used. Other companies apart from Dunkin’ Donuts will also be analyzed to determine how roles and responsibilities have been distributed. This will help in performing comparisons on what will work best for my situation in achieving reliable results. This is because not all strategies may work for all stores in the different locations (Baack, Reilly, ; Minnick, 2014).
Some of the positions will include store managers, assistant managers, and crewmembers who are permanent employees. There are also temporary employees who include construction workers, electricians, and maintenance personnel (Baack, Reilly, ; Minnick, 2014). Job specification will determined by the company and publicly displayed to allow qualified individuals to be informed on the task requirements as they seek the positions advertised by the company. All these specifications have already been determined and provided by the Dunkin’ Donuts franchise main store. Some adjustments may however be done depending on the location and experience from other Dunkin’ Donuts district managers who have been working in the company (Baack, Reilly, ; Minnick, 2014).
Organizational Design
Organizational design involves the process where managers create an organizational structure, which will enable the managers to assign leadership roles, which is important in the management of the organization (Hoffman, 2017). The organizational design of Dunkin Donuts has already been established as the company has already been in operation for the last 50 years. The current organizational design involves an organic decentralized structure, which is the most suitable for new store locations as this design allows a top-level control, which ensures effectiveness, is maintained in the other departments (Hoffman, 2017). As a new Dunkin Donuts district manager, I will use the same organizational design since the new stores will perform the same function as the already established ones.
The five stores will have their own rules and responsibilities. The managers of each of the five stores can manage the responsibilities of their staff members, which can be done by appointing supervisors to manage other employees (Hoffman, 2017). Each store will have a manager, an assistant manager, a supervisor, and crew members who are responsible for performing baking services and other important services required in operating the store. The store’s managers are responsible for the performance in their stores and shall be held accountable for the authority bestowed upon them. This will help the store managers in making good decisions, which will improve the performance of the stores (Hoffman, 2017).
Based on the Dunkin Donuts mission statement, Dunkin Donuts stores strive to be the dominant retailer of high quality donuts, bakery products, and beverages in each metropolitan market in which they are located (Hoffman, 2017). This will ensure that customers are able to experience the same high quality products and service regardless of the location they visit. This has been achieved based on the same decentralized organizational structure, which we will still adopt to maintain the quality of the products as well as the success that has been previously achieved (Hoffman, 2017). In this form of decentralized organic structure, the middle as well as the lower managers within the organization make decisions, which is important as they are more informed on the important matters which may impact the organization. This process also creates a short link in the chain command enabling managers to make quicker decisions (Hoffman, 2017).
Recruiting and Selection
This process involves selecting individuals to perform the determined job positions. The recruiting process will involve a continuous process by recruiting when the need arises. This can either be done physically or using online platforms depending on the available resources (Horstman, 2016). Online platforms will involve online applications while physical selection process will involve oral interviews at the store offices by the managers. This process will also involve the employees who are able to determine any gaps in the available tasks (Horstman, 2016). The hiring process will also involve an investigation relating to the new employees in determining whether they are fit and qualified for the empty positions. This will help the organization to grow, as these employees are able to perform their responsibilities diligently as well as perform leadership roles to other members (Horstman, 2016).

Filling the positions for the new stores and in the future will involve a committee, which will vet applicants for the positions applied (Horstman, 2016). Some of the considerations will include the experience of the new employees, their education level, special and technical skills, and their age in relation to the available position (Horstman, 2016). Job advertisements can be done via online platforms since majority of the job seekers are looking for jobs on the internet. Other media, which include televisions, radios, and newspapers, can also be used to increase the circle of applicants (Horstman, 2016). The recruiting process is a responsibility of the human resource department, which is tasked with identifying any gaps and implementing measures to fill these gaps. This department is also responsible for determining issues of salary and compensation to employees based on the set guidelines. This can help the managers of the stores to concentrate on other important issues and responsibilities (Horstman, 2016).

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Training and Performance Appraisals
Training for Dunkin Donuts will involve the process of career development, which the company has designed for each position within the franchise (Robinson, Robinson, Phillips, & Phillips, 2015). After a candidate has been selected and offered a job opportunity at Dunkin Donut, the next process involves the orientation process. This process entails new candidates filling out their details and positions in forms, which are administered by the human resource department. A medical examination is required at this process as this company deals with food items and its one of the legal regulations for food and water companies to observe (Robinson et al., 2015).
After employees have been oriented to the store and taken round the facility, the next process involves training the employees for their new roles. There are trained professionals with the responsibility of training new employees on their related positions (Robinson et al., 2015). This training is meant to focus on developing knowledge and skills in preparing and handling food products. Other skills involve serving and dealing with customers who must be carefully addressed as they are the focus of the franchise (Robinson et al., 2015). After training is done, the new members can start their work with close supervision and monitoring to ensure that they perform their responsibilities according to how they have been trained to. The supervisors can provide guidance to them and feedback on areas needing improvements (Robinson et al., 2015).
Teamwork is an important virtue in the performance of the responsibilities in the franchise as the process of providing food products to customers involves a long process, which must be clearly coordinated to enable a successful outcome (Robinson et al., 2015). In the performance appraisal, a comparison between the desired outcomes with the current outcome is done. There are different performance aspects, which can be used to track performance, which may include the number of customers accessing the facility and the cost of performance. Employee complains and behaviors can also be used to evaluate the performance of the organization (Robinson et al., 2015).
It is important for an organization to have a good management structure, as this is important in the management of the organization and in directing the organization to achieve the set objectives (Baack, Reilly, & Minnick, 2014). Good management will also ensure effective operations, which will lead to positive outcomes of the organization. As indicated in this analysis, there are different aspects of management, which are important in attaining certain results and should be considered in planning to establish as well as expanding an organization (Baack, Reilly, & Minnick, 2014). The new district manager will have many responsibilities to perform in ensuring that Dunkin Donuts grows by opening five more branches. This process will involve developing the best job designs, organizational designs, recruitment and selection strategies, and training as well as performance appraisals, which are all important in achieving the set goals, and maintain productivity in the new branches (Baack, Reilly, & Minnick, 2014).
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